images, sounds, instance pages new face of Google search

Google is extending the search features it made available in mobile platform to desktop search also. Google released image search, voice search and instance pages to desktop internet users also. Google released these features in Inside search event in San Francisco.

Instance pages is a modified version of instant search which is already available in Google search. According to current instant search features available, you can see the most searched words similar to the one you are typing in Google search bar. Also in current version of instant search you can see the previews of pages in Google search page itself. All you need is a high speed internet connection. But in the new instance pages Google is claiming that it will directly load the page you want along with the search. But you need to wait till the release of the next version of Google chrome web browser.

Google image search and voice search is already available in mobile platform. But now it is made available for desktop users also. For image search you need to drag and drop the image you want to search to the search bar in Google page. It will give you search result containing results similar to the given picture. Also you can do image search in another three ways also. There is an upload image from your computer option for searching. You can give the image by URL also. If you download Firefox or chrome extensions you can also search by right clicking on the images in the sites you are visiting

To do images search visit

If you want more help about how to do image search visit

There is a large potential for image search. You can reverse search for any images and find fake accounts in facebook by simply reverse searching the images. Usually such accounts will contain pictures saved from other sites

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CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City

Nice hub, I wonder when you did it, cause Google image search been out for a while now. Either way Voted up for useful.

vinner profile image

vinner 5 years ago from India Author

I wrote this at the release time of this facility. I was actually stunned by seeing the result when i searched using images. It was exactly coming. Do not know how Google is managing to come up with such new technologies. also the voice search provided by Google is out performed by the Siri app in Apple iPhone 4S

Rubanraj profile image

Rubanraj 5 years ago from South India

Nice Hub. You are using Hilary Duff wallpaper as your profile image. Am I right? Cheers.

vinner profile image

vinner 5 years ago from India Author

Yes my favorite actress. How did you find out?, through Google image search? Good work man

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