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Apple iPad
Apple iPad

3 iPad Competitors that make a race more interesting

Buying tablet computer this days isn't easy. There is more than only one strong player on the field. It seems that Apple iPad has set the standard for tablet PC's. But other brands are not only falling in line. New models are exceeding these standards in price and technology. Below are compared tablet computers that make strong iPad competition.

Netbook Navigator NAV 9
Netbook Navigator NAV 9

Netbook Navigator NAV 9

First iPad competitor, Netbook Navigator NAV 9, is an 8.9 inch tablet with a 1024 x 600 resolution touch screen. It runs on an Intel Atom N270 processor and has several admirable features. It has 3 USB ports, a 3 cell battery that holds a 2.5 hour charge and runs Windows 7 Home Premium.

The Netbook Navigator considers itself to be a more superior product than the iPad. The resistive touch screen makes for good note taking and the handwriting recognition feature is quite good. In order to select items, you must press rather hard; however, it is fairly easy to scroll. The NAV 9 has an all plastic frame and comes in a stylish vinyl case.

The side panels of the NAV 9 give access to integrated USB, SIM card slot, VGA adapter for videos, and wired internet. There are air vents on either side that constantly blow air that may get warmer with long periods of usage and may get a little noisy. The NAV9 keyboard is resizable and is mostly convenient for one finger typing, however, two-handed typing is possible, but with some difficulty. This is due to possible screen distortion when the screen is lying flat.

The NAV 9 web browser loads very fast and the zoom feature can be activated with two fingers. The screen orientation can be switched from landscape to portrait, though information can be accessed and read much better in the landscape screen orientation.

HP Slate 500
HP Slate 500

HP Slate 500

The HP Slate 500, another iPad competitor, has an 8.9 inch display and VGA for video. Powered by an Atoms E540 processor, the HP Slate has good features for the price of $799.00 and can be ordered online. It has a camera on the back panel, which is operated by Windows 7 and is touch-optimized. A USB port and home buttons are accessible on the left side panel and the power port and docking connector are found on the right side panel.

This HP Slate model comes with a power adapter, dock with USB outlets, carrying case, and stylus pen. The dock can be used as a stand for navigating on the web. Its carrying case has a sleek leather look and feel and is form fitted for the Slate with an elastic frame. The Slate can be used inside the carrying case, but folds to conceal the device for easy transport. This discrete covering gives the appearance of a manual notebook or tablet, when in reality it is a piece of advanced technology.

A great feature found in the HP Slate 500 is the inking feature. The stylus makes the distinction between the HP Slate and the iPad. It makes for good note-taking and uses a triple "A" battery that lasts for a year or so. When using the tablet handwriting text application, the stylus interacts with the screen by hovering over it at about a half inch. The touch control disables the finger touch feature and allows for the use of the stylus. In this way, if your finger touches the screen it will not interfere with your use of the stylus and will enable you to take on-screen notes with ease.

RIM BlackBerry Playbook
RIM BlackBerry Playbook

RIM BlackBerry Playbook

The last iPad competitor, RIM BlackBerry Playbook has become new technology among tablets and renders great web experiences. It is designed to compete against other tablets with a smaller 7 inch screen and an impressive multi-touch display. This smaller but high resolution screen is large enough for web browsing and checking email.

In a hands-on comparison to iPad WiFi, the BlackBerry Playbook was found to load information faster, with richer flash content and animation. It was made to support open web standards and provide a quality experience on the web.

An Acid 3 test was performed to explore the pixel rendering of images. The pixel rendering is how an image appears on-screen, clear or blurry. The Playbook scored perfectly, as did the iPad. However, the Playbook not only indicated better rendering, it loaded much faster and had higher development for real world websites.

The BlackBerry Playbook also performed well in a java script test. This test measures the fluidity of the device's animation. The Playbook's animation of images projected smoothly and uninterrupted, while the iPad image animation projected choppy and slow.

Asus Eee Slate EP121 The best tablet PC
Asus Eee Slate EP121 The best tablet PC

A final word

iPad competition is growing every day and every new player wants to rival Apple. A second generation of tablets, including iPad is on horizon. It is said that the real growth of this electronic industry segment is yet to come. Considering possible price war it is maybe a wise idea to wait before tablet pc market will become more mature.


pvednik profile image

pvednik 5 years ago

IPad 2 is on the run in april 2011.

drvosjeca profile image

drvosjeca 5 years ago

apple is best computer brand in my oppinion, they are allways providing good quality and design

suejanet profile image

suejanet 5 years ago

I am waiting to get one.

Alavux profile image

Alavux 5 years ago

I like the fact that you have not included the Kindle as part of the iPad's competition. Apart from the fact that they are both portable electronic devices, they are not targeting the same market. Too many people fail to notice this distinction.

This hub seems to be written from a more informed stand point. Props!

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