Durability of the iPod nano and other iPods


Questions to think about

  • Is the iPod nano truly the best gadget out there?

  • Is it even semi-reliable?

  • Is there a better alternative?

  • Did my iPod break again?

  • Planned obsolescence, is that what apple thrives on?



The iPod became a major contributor to CD players becoming obsolete. Apple has been releasing iPods ever since 2001. People were quick to purchase and embrace the iPod, making it the top mp3 player ever. The term mp3 player and iPod are synonymous, due to the widespread ownership of iPods. Other mp3 players do not even challenge the iPod's dominance in the market. The last decade was dominated by apple, the company is in a serious rivalry with Microsoft, and is even outdoing the original computer company.


Planned obsolescence. The iPod is designed to break. A blatant example is the iPod classic, six generations were released between October 23, 2001 and September 5, 2007. That calculates to a new model being released every 358 days. Apple did not even wait a full year in between releasing new models. What does this say about the quality? Frankly if they were made well people would not have a need to buy a new iPod every year. Another example of poor performance is my favorite iPod type(when not broken), the iPod nano. The first generation nano was released September 7, 2005, and the sixth generation was released September 1, 2010. The mean time between a new nano being released is 303.5 days. This short span points towards a clear message, iPods are designed to fail. With each improvement made to any iPod model comes an increase to it's frailty. I personally have had three iPod nanos break within the span of a year. Two of which broke within the same week, from casual use. Apple iPods are designed to break regardless of the precautions that one may try to take in order to increase the longevity of the device. I have faced two problems, one day the iPod just refuses to turn on, the wheel becomes completely unresponsive. With one of the iPods I experienced a white line going through the screen, and then more came until eventually my screen became purely white. Planned obsolescence is the name of the game that Apple plays. Enjoy your ipod while it is functional. I have even heard a rumor that the iPod contains a chip that makes it break after a while, with my personal experience I feel as if there is some credibility to this claim. The touch screen iPods are even worse, it is nearly impossible not to break.

The secret behind Apple's success


If the iPod is a necessity, it is understandable. Some people need to have what others have. Keeping up with the Johnsons is an American pastime. If you are tired of unreliable iPods feel fee to look into other mp3 players such as the Zoon.

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Mary 4 years ago

My most recent IPod touchscreen broke within 12 hours. It fell from a stationary height of about two feet and shattered.

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