jQuery Basics Quiz: How much do Web Designers know jQuery / Javascript?

How good are you at jQuery? If you know Javascript, you are on your way to becoming a netter jQuery programmer since jQuery uses Javascript. It is a javascript library itself.

If you are just getting started on jQuery, there are a lot of great tutorials on Hubpages on this subject like:

Web Design Basics: a Guide to jQuery for Absolute Beginners at http://hubpages.com/hub/Web-Design-Basics-jQuery-for-Absolute-Beginners

3 Essential jQuery Tricks That All Web Designers Need For Their Websites at http:// hubpages.com/ hub/5-Essential-jQuery-Tricks-That-All-Web-Designers-Need-For-Their-Websites

Serializing form data using jQuery at http:// hubpages.com /hub/serialzing-form-data

Take the jQuery quiz.

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