Finding a LCD TV DVD

If you're looking for a new LCD TV and want to cut back on all the extra peripherals like an external DVD or VHS player, buying a LCD TV DVD combo is a great way to slim down the electronic devices.  While flat panel TVs with a built-in DVD player are a little larger than those without one, you do have the added convenience if you have limited space or have a distaste for clutter.

You can buy a LCD TV DVD combo in a variety of different brands and stages of quality.  If you're looking for an expensive, high quality, high definition flat screen TV, you can definitely find one with a DVD player built in.  If you're looking for a basic tube LCD TV with a VHS/DVD combo, you can definitely find one with those features too.

Features to Look for in a LCD TV

There are few factors that you need to look at when you're choosing a new LCD television.  Depending on what you're going to be using the TV for, some factors may change in importance more than others.

  • Size.  Bigger isn't always better especially when you don't have room.  Find a TV that will fit your lifestyle.
  • Resolution.  1080p will have a much sharper picture and will be best high definition has to offer.
  • Brightness.  The brighter your TV is the easier it will be see in bright lighting or from a distance.  The higher the number (measured in cd/m2) the better.
  • Contrast.  What it does in practice is to allow a screen to show both light and
    dark details as well as possible. A higher contrast ratio will allow dark parts of the image to show better and will increase the quality of the image.
  • Connectivity.  If you're plugging a bunch of video game consoles, blue ray players, or even video cameras into your television, you'll want to make sure your new TV has those connections.  Find the TV that has the connections that matches your peripherals.

Choosing Between LCD and Plasma TVs


One brand that has put out quite a few good LCD TVs in their time (particularly in the DVD combo sets) is LG.  LG has relatively competitive and low prices that are fit for any person's budget.  They also make a variety of different sized model TVs for people looking for TVs both big and small.

While every television is different, you can expect all the bells and whistles in a LG TV as you would find in another manufacturer like Sony.  If you're looking for a large 1080p TV for watching movies and playing games, you'll find one with LG.  If you're looking for a small 18" LCD TV to put in your kitchen, they'll have a TV for that too.  LG is a great manufacturer to look into for LCD TV DVD combo unit.


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