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Learning search engine optimization and content writing is not and easy task. If you know the basics of seo and content writing then with more practice and guidance you can become a search engine optimizer. Seo is understanding the way the algorithms of major search engines function and tuning your website or blog accordingly for better rankings.

Search engine optimization is a complex exercise. The objective is to optimize your site such that it follows the guidelines set by the search engines. The exercise also aims at creating relevancy within a topic with certain search terms.

The whole exercise is to get traffic for your website and this can be best achieved by Internet Marketing Campaign. Read below to understand what Internet Marketing is.

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Website Optimization

Search engine optimization process involves two principle steps. One is the taking care of on page factors. The other is promoting website for popularity, that is creating back links. The former is known as on page optimization and the latter is called off page optimization.

In on page optimization a number of factors are taken into consideration. But the primary objective is to provide unique contents, a sound link architecture, friendly coding and fast downloading.

In off page optimization a search engine professional builds the website reputation by linking to authoritative sources. But this creation of back link is not at all that simple and expert knowledge is required whence using the anchor text.

If the website provides good informative contents it generates natural back links which are highly valued by the search engines. There are lot of strategies involved in link building campaign.

When both the functions are clubbed together, then the exercise is called search engine optimization campaign. This is a comprehensive exercise and requires experience and expertise to perform. It is a part of Internet Marketing and requires efficient online promotional techniques.

In order to promote a site on the Internet in Google or Yahoo one has to be very much informed. Using the best technique is the key to online success. One should use White Hat and not Black Hat methods.

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On Page Optimization

One of the main aspect of search engine optimization is on page changes. This is taking care of on page factors that are taken into consideration by search engines when ranking a website. Some important points are as follows:

  • The Title and Meta tags have to be filled in correctly.
  • The link architecture has to be user friendly.
  • The images have to be inserted into the design perfectly after optimizing them so that they do not hamper downloading speed of the page.
  • Re-engineer the content to make it fit for the users as well as the search engines.
  • No keyword spamming should be there.
  • Remove frames if any.
  • Make script that work on the server side rather than the page itself.
  • Avoid drop down menus created using Java Script.
  • Remove broken links if any.

Do what you think will be good for your website and make it user friendly by adding the right words, images and utilities if any. Create a good design layout on the site. Arrange content, graphics, links in a manner that make it easy for the user to navigate.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page optimization is increasing the web saturation of your website. This has to be done in the right manner without spamming. You have to build back links from sources that are relevant for your site topic.

You can exchange links or create back links using the right platforms. If your website is useful and informative people will like to link it to their site and you will generate a backlink. This is called natural link building.The links pointing to your site are important if they are coming from an authoritative source.

The use of anchor text in your links inform the search engines what the site topic is. Hence you need to use the right keywords during the promotion. Always make a strategy before starting a seo campaign.

Seo & Content Writing

Content writing is the key to success on the Internet especially in online business and marketing. The blog is a guide to effective writing on the Net. Of late online writing has gathered greater momentum as visitors wish to find valued, unique and informative writeup on sites they come across. The search engine also wish to present better sites on the top ranks hence they are giving greater importance to websites with great contents.

Search Engine Optimization is what brings your site up on search engine for better visibility and hence better business online for greater earning.

Another useful strategy is Internet marketing. This is to build referral traffic and generate leads. Social networking and social book marking generates traffic and creates back links as well. This is good website promotion strategy. The better site wins hence there should be constant efforts to build your site and provide useful content, utility and products. Website promotion is an extensive exercise. Provide good writeup on your site and then start promoting on the Internet. It is necessary that other websites start linking to yours. This will happen if it offers good information related to the topic.

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Seo & Web Design

For seo it is also good to know the basics of web design and development. Website design and user friendly architecture is your doorway to success. Visitors do not like poor quality web sites and move away from them quickly. This increases your bounce rate and hence search engines see it in poor light and push you site down in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Certain coding elements affect your ranking hence learn a bit of web designing and simple coding in order to tune your site. Handling images is very important as they are important elements of web page design. The images should be of proper size and light in weight such that they do not hamper the downloading speed of the page.

Social Bookmarking

This is one of the activity that should go along with your seo campaign. Social Bookmarking is not only for easy access to your preferred content, it is sharing online with others as well. Hence you can propagate your content this way.

Most of the social bookmarking sites are nofollow but submit to them as well. This will create referral traffic for your site. Some of the good social bookmarking sites are delicious, stumbleupon, digg, MrWong, twitter, diigo, fark, and so on.

Social Networking

Facebook is the best example of social networking. These are the platforms where you can publish your contents on regular basis. Most of the sites are free and easy to use. You can make friends here and join related groups.

The are places where you converse with your friends and group members. The more the better. By publishing good contents you can increase your popularity and gain publicity for your products and services.

This also mean more traffic for your website and blogs. Make your content interesting, by adding social media to them.

Creating Backlinks

The search engines rely a lot on back links pointing to the websites. Hence the back link creation is a major off optimization technique. But creating spammy back links does not work anymore.

What works the best are links emanating from authoritative websites and portals. Wherever editorial scrutiny is applied the platform becomes more authoritative. Links originating from these sites will have greater value. Link building exercise should exclude link farms and poor content websites. Stay away from those promising to create thousands of external links for your site.

Link building has to have a proper approach with optimum utilization of the anchor text. In order to have natural link generation concentrate on your contents, design and link architecture of your website.

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