no cost Internet with a long range wifi antenna

a free long range wifi antenna really works

wireless wifi antenna
wireless wifi antenna
long range wifi antenna
long range wifi antenna
wifi directional antenna
wifi directional antenna

it really works.

If the signal you're picking up is not quite strong enough but you are within a wifi antenna range then all you need to do is increase your wifi signal on your computer to reach the wifi antenna being broadcast from the source wifi antenna (or the free wifi source as we can call it).

You can very easily make your own long range wifi antenna which will give you free internet. This is only recommended as a temporary solution. It is always highly recommended that you get your own internet account with your local isp (internet service provider) for normal daily usage. This temporary increase of your long range wifi antenna can certainly be beneficial though. The process helped our family over a moving hurdle at one point in time, allowing us to check email and do some light necessary internet searching. The newly built extended range wifi is called by many a “wifi cantenna” or “dish wifi antenna”.

To make this wifi directional antenna all you need is a shiny large bowl ,some duct tape and a usb wifi dongle (one which states a high range capacity). First position your dongle in the center of the bowl with the duct tape. I stretched the duct tape across the bowl and let it hang into the bowl on a curvature a bit. The part of the tape that curves I also taped down so that the tape would stay curved within the bowl without moving when you set the bowl upright in the window. I then place the usb wifi dongle strategically in the middle of the bowl sticking it to the duct tape to keep it correctly in place. The exact positioning of the usb dongle will take a number of attempts to get the wifi signal “just right” for optimum directional wifi performance. I noticed that even the slightest movement of the positioning of our antenna would throw the signa off to the point where we could not connect to the internet at all. Your long range wifi antenna will work best if you take the time to optimize these small details.

Our internet connectivity went from barely picking up a signal on our laptop to a lightning top speeds of 2.3 (ish) mbps. On average around 1.5 (ish) which is still really great for a free wireless wifi antenna. So if you're near an open public wifi or someone willing to share with you to get you through a temporary hardship of being internet connectivity challenged maybe you would like to try this method. It really works!

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