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Today, PDF (Portable Document Format) is considered as one of the most effective and efficient data sharing format. The reason for this ever increasing demand of the PDF files is that it is much easier to work with a PDF file as compared to working with any other document. There are numerous benefits of working with a PDF file. Some of the benefits of a PDF file are mentioned below:

Compatibility and file size: Given the same content, size of a PDF file is comparatively less than any other document. Moreover, it is much easier to transfer the data with a PDF file than in any other document.

Secured and offers versatile functionalities: Even while being shared over a wide network, a PDF file maintains the original formatting of a document. Moreover, we can control access to a PDF file and only the authorized users are allowed to access the file. This enables the user to transfer their original content all over the network without fearing about their original information getting altered.

Due to the aforementioned features, the popularity of PDF files is growing day by day. However, manageability of PDF files remains the only issue to deal with. This simply means that it can become quite cumbersome to deal with a large number of PDF files on a routine basis. Lets take up an example to understand this:

Consider yourself working on a batch of small PDF files. You have to upload all these small PDF’s to the same location, one by one. This can become quite irritating and time consuming. You can merge PDF files into one big PDF. This will prove to be a better option as it would minimize the work load.

With the help of a professional third party Merge PDF tool, you can successfully merge a number of small PDF’s into one big PDF file. Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is one such professional third party tool which is specifically designed to make the PDF files manageable. The Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool allows you to split a PDF file on various parameters like Split by Page, by Page Range, By Page size and also by even and odd pages. You can even prioritize the merge process according to required order of pages, in order to make the merging process more efficient.

The Merge PDF tool does not require any Adobe application to run along with, as it is a complete standalone utility. The software allows you to keep your routine need of PDF files in track.

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool provides immediate and efficient access to the PDF data. Its user-friendly graphical user interface enables even a novice user to work on it. Apart from the other features, one important and beneficial feature is that this tool maintains data integrity and confidentiality.

Moreover, the trial version of the software is available for free download. The evaluation version is as good as the complete version of the software, but with one limitation i.e. the entire converted data is displayed in a diagonal red stamp along with the software name. If you cannot do with this limitation, you have to purchase the complete version of the tool.

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mikeportel 3 years ago

Merge your multiple PDF files in single PDF file document with Kernel for PDF split and Merge tool to split over size PDF file and also merge multiple PDF file in single PDF file documents.

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