How to Install and Use Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Microsoft Office Document Imaging Software

It is possible for you to turn the tons of printed (hard copy) documents you have to electronic (digital) files by capturing, storing, editing and reprinting them using Microsoft Office Document Imaging scanning software. But before you use it, you have to ensure that you have a scanner and the Microsoft Office Document Imaging software is installed in your computer.

The Microsoft Document Imaging software program is freely included in the MS Office CD, but depending on how you run the initial Office installation, the Document Imaging program may not be installed on your computer. In most cases, it has to be installed on its own.

To check if it is installed in your computer, click on start, then my computer. On the scanners and camera option, double click on your scanner.

In the dialogue box telling you to initiate a new scan, check whether you have something reading Microsoft Office Document Scanning. If it is not there, then these are the steps to follow to install the Microsoft Office Document Imaging software program.

How to Install the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Scanning Software

1. Click on start, control panel and then click on add or remove programs.

2. Once the add or remove programs window opens, click on Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 or whichever version you are using. Then click on change.

Add Remove Programs
Add Remove Programs

3. You will get a new window with two options:-

a) Add or remove features

b) Repair

c) Remove

Select Add or remove features and then click on continue.

Add Remove Features option
Add Remove Features option

4. The next window Installations options opens. Here you click on the plus sign of the office tools to view more options.

5. Click on Microsoft Office Document Imaging. You can install the three components; (a) Help (b) Microsoft Office Document Imaging writer (c)Scanning, OCR and Indexing services.

6. To install them, click on the drop down button on each and select run from my computer. Then click on continue.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Microsoft Office Document Imaging | Source

7. Wait for a while as the components are installed. Once done you will be ready to scan paper documents, convert them to digital images that you can then store on CD, DVD, or other magnetic and flash memory technology storage media.

How to Scan Using MS Document Imaging

  1. Place the document you want to convert upside down on your scanner area.
  2. Open or double click my computer and then double click on your scanner icon.
  3. In the dialog box for initiate new scan, select Microsoft Office Document Scanning then click okay.
  4. You will get a new dialog box with the message waiting for page from scanner. Then the scanning process will be initiated.
  5. Your document will be scanned and it will open automatically with the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Program. From there on you can copy (for text), copy image (and paste them in word), or alternatively you can use the option send text to word. Sometimes you will be required to do some bit of editing but if the document you are scanning has additional hand writings or is dirty, a lot of editing will be required.

All said and done, you will be able to save some time while using this method rather than wasting time and energy pounding on your keyboard. It could be worse if you are the type of guys who type using one hand and one finger. (Believe me. It is true, there are people who do type like that).

Select Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Select Microsoft Office Document Imaging | Source
Scanning in progress...please wait
Scanning in progress...please wait | Source
Your final product!
Your final product! | Source

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Patkay 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Hi Gislaine am not a Portuguese but I have translated that post to be "Congratulations on your initiative and kindness, helped me a lot." Just hope am right, thanks anyway.

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Parabéns pela iniciativa e pela bondade, me ajudou muito.

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Well done

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Thanks Lucy. Keep on reading more of my hubs to learn more.

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good work continue

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