Mini Projector LED

Mini Projector LED

The technology market is experiencing a boom in new investments. In all areas, manufacturers invest in the creation and recreation of various products with the objective of reaching a consumer public increasingly demanding and knowledgeable on the subject. In the wave of technology combined with practicality and comfort are the mini multimedia projectors. These mini projectors are nothing more than the evolution of big projectors, popularly known as data show.

Unlike the "Era of big projectors", which were financially viable only for companies, schools, universities and people with high purchasing power, the new mini projectors (which are already in the market for some time) accumulate several competitive advantages that make them much more accessible to everyone. Learn 4 good reasons why you should buy a mini projector and use it in your day to day:


Unlike the famous "date show", the mini projector fits in your pocket. The compact size allows the displacement of the equipment without attracting attention from others. Beyond this factor, when used for a presentation at an event, for example, information security is projected to be much higher, since the risk of software incompatibilities (between the program used to develop the presentation and equipment) is zero.


Take and bring a mini projector is very easy. From a meeting room to another or from one room to another house. Another factor is the practicality of mini projector interaction with other hardware such as computers, cell phones, mediaplayer, video camera and even the iPhone and iPod touch (on some models). Some models of mini projectors are wi-fi and accompanying keyboard and mouse.


The cost-benefit is much greater than it was in buying a "date show". While these larger models use is limited to a specific purpose (for lack of practicality and safety in transportation), the mini projector can be used in a full day's work and then taken home to replace the TV as a screen for transmission movies, pictures and even games.

The price of equipment also is different. A projector cost about $ 2,000.00 while a mini projector may be purchased up to half the price. And the maintenance of the mini projectors the value will be much lower, since these devices use LED diodes and no projection lamp (which is expensive).

Several models and technologies

Like any technology product, mini projectors have different specifications and features. Each manufacturer includes what matters to their audience. Basically a mini projector may have:

  • USB port;
  • Wi-fi;
  • Battery-powered version and/or battery;
  • Internal space data storage;
  • Internal navigation system (waiver computer usage);
  • System of color compensation (if the projection is made in a color wall);
  • Screen Size 30 to 80 inches;
  • Weight around 150 grams.

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