Using New Technology To Simplify Your Life


New technologies are developed every day. These technologies are often designed to make our lives easier if we take the time to understand them.

While many people shy away from technology because of the time it often takes to learn, if you take the time to embrace the new development and learn it, your life can be simplified significantly.

In developing new technologies, Google has always been close to the top of the list as far as being successful. As a company, they believe that bringing technology closer to you and making it less obtrusive will make it easier to use, and will simplify the process.

This is true for the new concept of Google Glass. This new product allows you to control each moment of your life without so much as lifting a finger.

What Is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a new development by the people of Google that is essentially a wearable computer. It is designed to look like a set of eyeglasses and can communicate with simple verbal commands. The product works very similarly to a smart phone, but does not need to be handled or touched. This product is designed to simplify the life of the consumer by allowing you to compute things without using your hands. Basically, the idea is that the less you have to pay attention to devices that you are using, the easier they will be to use and apply in your daily life.

Uses For Google Glass

When this new prototype was introduced, it was done in a fairly unconventional way. Basically, as potential customers were watching, a member of the design team put on the device and proceeded to go skydiving, thus highlighting the fact that you can record exciting and significant events in your life without even having to lift a finger. By using this new product, he was able to record the exciting experience of jumping out of a plane and have it sent right to his computer. No hassles with cords or transferring material.

This product was also used on a road trip through one of the western United States. The device was set up to intermittently take pictures and send them to the user’s computer. Then, when the trip was over, the customer was able to choose the photos he most liked without even having to worry about a camera. Unattractive pictures were deleted and good ones were kept as a reminder of the trip. In this way, without having to exert any extra energy, the user’s trip was recorded by this new product.

Specifics Of This Product

While this new product may seem like a stretch, there are several very simple attributes that allow it to work as a hands-free computing device. Below are a few:

  • This product is location aware, thanks to a camera and a GPS feature.
  • This product uses voice input and output to communicate with the user.
  • With this new technology, simply tilting the user’s head can allow them to scroll on the device.
  • Google Glass will also connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in order to transmit information as quickly as possible.


Benefits Of Using This Product

While this product is still in the early stages of development and production, it is easy to see the benefits of using something like this. The biggest benefit is simply that it leaves your hands free to perform other tasks that would otherwise be difficult to do while handling a portable computing device. By using new technology, you free up your hands to be able to do more, thus making your life simpler and easier.

The device is also fairly small and can easily blend onto your face. It is not something that will have people staring as you walk by. Although it performs many tasks, it is small enough to seem inconspicuous to the average passerby.

Another benefit to taking advantage of augmented reality through using this device is the benefit of the amount of information you can store. By being connected directly to a cloud for storage, whether through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you are able to record information and images you would like to keep without having to take the time to transmit them. A great way to imagine this benefit is to think of being on vacation and forgetting your camera cord. Once your storage system is full, you have no way to transfer the pictures and videos to a computer to free up space on your camera. This problem could easily be avoided with a device such as this.

Although technology can often be intimidating, by investing a little extra time and energy, you can easily simplify several tasks you do on a daily basis.

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