Next generation iPad | iPad 2nd generation

Launch of new iPad

A new iPad is awaiting its launch soon. We can call it the next generation iPad. It is expected in the first half of the year 2011.We can be sure that the new release will be packed with lots of new features even though we can’t predict what will be the exact ones to be included. According to Brian, a Wall Street analyst, who works for Ticonderoga Securities, the next generation iPad tablet pc will have certain features of the iPhone plus an increased memory.

Apple ipad 1st generation
Apple ipad 1st generation

iPad first generation

Apple released iPad in 2010 and gained a huge amount of demand for it amongst customers. During the second quarter of 2010, more than 4.19 million iPads were sold worldwide. iPad operating system is based on its predecessor’s iPod and iPhone.

It has a multi touch display, a virtual keyboard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G support. iPad provides landscape and portrait mode to make viewing easy for users. Surfing mail and photos is also supported.

Other features are videos, Youtube, iPod features, iTunes, App Store, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Home Screen, Multitasking, Folders, AirPrint, AirPlay, Game Center, Spotlight Search, Accessibility, Find my iPad and many more applications. IPad does not need any extra software to be installed.

iPad 2nd generation

The gap between the Apple iPad and latest iPhone has significantly increased with iPhone being much better in displays and functionality. Therefore, the next generation iPad or iPad 2 is expected to be released to decrease the gap and bring iPad up to the level of iPhone, With first iPad been so popular people are really looking forward to this new product by Apple. There is no confirmed news about the iPad 2 as the company has not announced it yet, however, there are many rumors about this newcomer from Apple.

iPad 2nd generation case
iPad 2nd generation case

New features of iPad 2nd

New features that are expected to be part of the next generation iPad are difference in size, screen resolution, form factor, graphical processor, quantity of memory etc. Some rumors say that display might be reduced to 7 inches. Moreover, it is expected that Apple’s Retina Display will be used for iPad 2 which previously were giving the iPhone a very beautiful display. It is also expected that the next generation iPad design will be thinner and lighter. iPad 2nd generation might include two cameras i.e. back and front as the previous model had just one camera. Another improvement can be in the speakers. The speakers will have wide-range and much better speaker capabilities. iPad 1 had no USB ports. As many tablets these days are coming with USB ports most probably iPad 2nd generation will have this functionality too. The number of USB port can be more than one for increased usage by user. Another interesting rumor is that three versions of the next generation iPad supporting either or a combination of Wi-Fi, CDMA and UMTS will be released. Moreover, performance may also be enhanced by using a dual core processor in the iPad2 which will greatly add to the multitasking capabilities.

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