Nikon D3100

This is the NIKON D3100 pic. The Nikon D3100 earned accolades from the CEA for its engineering qualities, aesthetics, and unique features like a simple graphical user interface. It's a pretty big honor for the company.
This is the NIKON D3100 pic. The Nikon D3100 earned accolades from the CEA for its engineering qualities, aesthetics, and unique features like a simple graphical user interface. It's a pretty big honor for the company.

Nikon D3100

The Nikon D3100 cam allows all family members to take beautiful photos. Whether you want to make a family portrait or take a snapshot of your toddlers in action, thanks to the guide mode you'll get great pictures in no time. D-Movie lets you record video clips in high definition and capture the action scenes of exceptional quality both day and night. The 14.2 megapixel sensor combined with a high speed of development and image processing, will help you make beautiful images. At any time you rotate the photo and video in Full HD thanks to the video record button ergonomic and easy to access. The image processing system of ultra sophisticated Nikon EXPEED 2 optimizes the performance of the CMOS image sensor of 14.2 million pixels to obtain surprisingly sharp images with vivid colors. In unusual light, the Nikon D3100 allows for great shots of your family, wherever you go. Main features of the Nikon D3100 are CMOS image sensor of 14.2 megapixel DX format, A high ISO sensitivity, D-Movie: videos in Full HD (1920 x 1080), EXPEED 2: System image processing Nikon's ultra-sophisticated, Guide mode: intuitive integrated assistance.

Nikon D3100 Manual

The Nikon D3100 is the essential element of every family event. The device is characterized by complete technology. With its compact size and light weight makes it easy to insert into a bag and transport to capture all those unforgettable moments. The Nikon D3100 is specially designed for novice users of digital SLR. Guide mode: built-in help quickly and easily. You specify the type of photo you want to take, and camera settings are automatically optimized for best results. Sample images appear on the screen to show the image obtained as a function of proposed parameters. The Nikon D3100 Manual has received some improvements from the Nikon D3000, gives you step by step instructions on how to change the camera settings. So you get the picture you want, but you also receive information on how you to get there in order to develop your photographic skills. In addition, you can see examples of the result you get with each setting, if you change the aperture or shutter speed for example.

Nikon D3100 Back Button Focusing set up tutorial

Nikon D3100 vs Canon T2i

The NikonD3100 is mainly dedicated to the amateur beginner wanting to learn about SLR photography.With the way"guide" and its Live View function you easily perform the most beautiful shots for wonderful memories and intense. The Nikon D3100 Videos capture great emotions with video in Full HD quality with excellent permanent AF. Performance CMOS sensor 14.2 megapixel images to ensure startling clarity with vivid colors. Even in low light you sharp pictures with the sensitivity range that extends from 100 to 3200ISO. The featherweight NikonD3100 will ensure a very comfortable shooting for minimum size.

The Nikon D3100 product comes with:
- Li-ion Battery EN-EL14
- A battery charger MH-24
- Body cap
- The Eyepiece
- A CD-ROM software / CD-ROM 1 of the reference manual

Meanwhile, in the Nikon D3100 vs Canon T2i, the Canon T2i are ideal for those who want to create large prints or crop their images without losing the richness of detail necessary for printing, the CMOS sensor 18 million pixels of the Canon T2iprovides exceptional performance in low light conditions and produces images virtually free of noise. In low light conditions, when the ambient light decreases, the Canon T2i offers a sensitivity range up to ISO 6400 and ISO expandable to 12,800 for shooting in environments where using flash is undesirable.As a matter of fact, the Canon T2i combines exceptional picture performance and recording of Full HD (1080p). To allow you to develop your creativity, the Canon T2i allows full manual control and selectable frame rates. You can also record video at a high rate of 50/60 frames / sec. with a resolution of 720p when the action is really fast. An HDMI connection allows High Definition playback of videos and photos on any HDTV. When the unit is connected to a compatible TV, it can be controlled by TV remote control.

Nikon D3100 Front view.

This is the front of the Nikon D3100 buttons. Whether you are pro or beginner, this picture will be of great help to you.
This is the front of the Nikon D3100 buttons. Whether you are pro or beginner, this picture will be of great help to you.

Nikon D3100 back view

This is the back of the Nikon D3100 buttons.
This is the back of the Nikon D3100 buttons.

Nikon D3100 Lenses

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens

The most highly recommended Nikon D3100 lenses are AF-S lenses. These lenses are used for autofocus and hence eliminate the need for manual focusing. For beginners The Nikon 35mm lens is extremely low in price and is considered as one of the best lenses.

Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

The Nikon 55-200mm is affordable and lightweight. It offers excellent sharpness and performance and its Vibration Reduction, helps avoid blurry shots caused by camera shake.

Nikon 50mm f/1.4G SIC SW Prime Nikkor Lens

Nikon 50mm is most widely. An ideal portrait lens, it offer wider maximum aperture and close focusing to 1.5 feet.

Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX Nikkor Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

Most popular lenses for Nikon D3100, It replaces the Nikon 12-24mm lens and provides an ultra wide-angle zoom perspective.

Nikon D3100 - Ultraviolet (UV) Glass Filters Tutorial (HD)

Nikon D3100 Accessories

Recommended for Nikon D3100 accessories are, adapters, shoulder strap, Batteries, Cables, Battery Chargers, Maintenance and Protection, Filters, Flashes, GPS, Kits, Conversion Lenses, Memory, and Adapter Rings, SLR, sun visors, bags, remote controls, tripods, and more. Footer you can search or filter the desired accessories.

Nikon D3100 vs D5000

The Nikon D3100 incorporates many features of its predecessor which made one of the best buys in its class: the screen remains the same, as the viewfinder or the frame rate for 3 i / s. He too is not equipped with integrated autofocus motor and will therefore only work full with the Nikkor AF-S Recent stamped. Lack of Depth of field and bracketing are limitations for more advanced users with whom he must consider. Today, with an important dynamic, modern sensors to provide braketing in RAW. As for the depth-of field, anyway, to appreciate the depth of field on a small viewfinder of APS-C overshadowed by the diaphragm not easy. Range effect requires: we cannot provide an entry-level SLR with all the richness of a functional unit expert even if sometimes it does not induce additional costs. But the Nikon D3100 offers a bundle of technology and comprehensive functionality that goes beyond expectations could satisfy both beginners and advanced users. In the Nikon D3100 vs D5000, the Nikon D5000, rich in features is simple and user friendly apart from its competitors thanks to its exceptional LCD monitor with adjustable tilt. It can shoot a subject with ease, in any conceivable angle. The Nikon D5000 has inherited the D-Movie Nikon owner, the revolutionary function of the D90 to record HD video clips. With numerous editing features integrated, great selection of scene modes and sensor 12.3 megapixel camera that can take pictures of impeccable quality. Compact, relatively stocky, equipped with a dust by channeling air flow and a relatively clear interface, the D5000 inherits the same limitations: no goals in the engine housing (only available with autofocus AF lenses -S), viewfinder rather narrow and limited management of creative flash mode (CLS).

Nikon D3100 vs D5100

Nikon D3100 is designed for novice users of digital SLR cameras, especially young families who want to make stunning images without the hassle of complex features. With a variety of automatic settings, the camera takes care of all the manipulations techniques, allowing use almost as easy as on a compact camera: the aiming screen with Live View mode selector selects self corresponding to the shooting situation; the Scene Recognition System provides ultra-sharp images by analyzing the scene and optimizing the camera settings. In the Nikon D3100 vs D5100, the camera D5100 is a high performance digital SLR designed to stimulate your creativity and allow you to take pictures and make videos. The method of HDR (High Dynamic Range) lets you create incredibly detailed images of high contrast scenes. Ideal tool to capture your vision of the world, the D5100 camera has been designed to give free rein to your creativity. Characteristic of the D5100 are: CMOS image sensor 16.2 million pixel DX format, Swivel LCD monitor 7.5 cm (3 inches), approx 921,000 pixels, with visibility from all angles, Mode Special Effects: allows you to create pictures or videos with special effects and D-Movie: Full HD 1080p video

Nikon D3100 Body only

Product Information Digital SLR Camera Nikon D3100 (Body Only)

The Nikon D3100 body only can be manipulated with ease to allow all families to make great pictures. Whatever the situation, a family photo or a little running around, Guide mode shows the best way to make incredible shots in no time. The D-Movie lets you record video clips and capture the action, with excellent results, both day and night. The system of advanced image processing EXPEED 2 optimizes the performance of Nikon's CMOS sensor 14.2 megapixel for stunning picture clarity and vibrant colors. On the incredibly lightweight for an SLR, the Nikon D3100 allows you to create beautiful pictures of your family wherever you are.


CMOS image sensor 14.2 megapixel DX format

High sensitivity (100 to 3200 ISO) to light (expandable to 12,800)

High-definition LCD monitor 7.5 cm (3 inches)

Processing system EXPEED image 2

D-Movie: Full HD video clips (1920 x 1080)

Live View with auto selector guide mode

Nikon D3100 vs Canon T3

Ergonomics for its part remains true to Nikon tradition, as with a new lever modes burst / timer and a new trigger transition in Live View, variously assessed - some prefer to switch to an EOS 7D, others appreciate that this command returns place. Otherwise, it should not destabilize familiar with the brand. Startup with Nikon D3100 pictures is almost instantaneous, autofocus does its work unabated (around half a second regardless light conditions), and the camera images to swallow a good pace. As mentioned on screen, the development is substantially faster than the models previous and becomes everyday use, even if not yet joined the compact with interchangeable lenses. A track improvement? Yes: some competitors have a faster burst. While the 3.2 i / s on 11 views (Raw + Jpeg) are in practice largely sufficient for most people.

The Canon T3 is a highly versatile digital SLR that you can take anywhere, in order to capture all moments of your choice with a stunning quality. You can make sensational shots from the moment you take the Canon T3 in hand. A Feature Guide in the menu system indeed offers a brief description of each key and its effect to help the beginner learn to control the aircraft as and when he uses it. You never miss an important moment, since the framing of the image is easy and accurate through the bright optical viewfinder newly designed to provide 95% coverage of the scene. Designed to be a digital SLR entry-level user-friendly and powerful, the Canon T3 has impressive specifications to support the image quality and performance invariably associated with brands and Canon EOS.

Nikon D3100 vs Canon T3i

Hard to miss this new SLR camera which has a promo on different communication media. It is true that the Nikon D3100 has something and convinces a wide audience: it's very affordable, offers very good performance, it will undoubtedly remain many months in the top sales. Let us begin with the sensor because it is one of the first features that the customer looks first. The Nikon D3100 is equipped with a CMOS sensor 14.2 megapixel DX format which is familiar to users of devices of the firm. It is further optimized through EXPEED 2 which is, as you may know, the system of advanced image processing. Result: An impeccable machine and a white brighter than seriously, it shows a rendering colors and shades very well transcribed. This one will also meet your needs via its D-Movie function. Indeed, this DSLR is capable of recording full HD videos! It offers higher performance and provides excellent results even for movies. For those who do not like reading manuals or are still reluctant to choose a more sophisticated, Nikon has incorporated a guide mode, which as its name suggests, will assist you and automatically adjust the settings according to main the desired photo. We can still expand the breadth of features: Live View, anti dust system, D-Lighting but I think you will quickly realize that this product has strong arguments in its case. It is also sold without his body only or with lens.

In the Nikon D3100 v Canon T3i, the Canon T3i replaces the Canon T2i in the range of SLR enthusiasts of the brand. After the 7D, the 60D and 550D, this reflex is the fourth case to receive the duo Canon CMOS sensor and 18 MP processor DIGIC 4 image processing. The image quality is not really a surprise and 4 reflex deliver files very similar qualities. The main differences between the models lie in the manufacture of casing and features offered. Thus, the Canon T3i has a grip slightly more enjoyable (coating) and some innovative features not report to the T2i as the management of remote flash units wirelessly or perhaps more importantly, an LCD screen mounted on ball side (a process that should logically be generalized to all cases and why not in the range pro). The Canon also offers a few changes at the interface. Finally, the Canon T3i is a DSLR well balanced with both a good image quality, a satisfactory response (power, autofocus optical sighting ...), a good grip (mounted on ball screen, coating) and an ergonomic design to avoid losing the beginner in a maze of incomprehensible functions.


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