Noise Canceling Earbuds

Panasonic's RP-HC55-S are some of the best selling noise canceling earbuds.
Panasonic's RP-HC55-S are some of the best selling noise canceling earbuds. | Source

Noise canceling earbuds have become a must have accessory for many peoples mp3 and video players. Their ability to filter out unwanted background noise has brought a sigh of relief to travelers and audiophiles alike.

What Do Noise Cancelling Earbuds Do?

Noise canceling earbuds use two methods to try to eliminate bothersome background noise. Those methods are passive and active.

  • Passive - Do to the inherent design of an earbud, it sets in the ear over or in the ear canal, blocking some of the incoming sound waves.
  • Active - A microphone is used to sense incoming sound waves and circuitry then produces a signal that is the exact opposite of the incoming noise, canceling it.

Most manufacturers are able to combine these two methods to produce a descent noise canceling effect. However, not all noise canceling earbuds are created equal. The companies that deliver the best value are Panasonic, Audio-Technica, Klipsch, and Bose.

The ideal set of earbuds would be light and easy to wear, with no pulling from the battery pack.

Good Value Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Why You Should Use Noise Cancelling Earbuds

By reducing the amount of unwanted noise that reaches your ear drum you can dramatically improve the quality of sound you get from your media player without the need to raise the valume to uncomfortable levels.

Noise canceling earbuds can also make your environment seem more pleasant, making it easier to relax or doze off.

They are ideal to use when...

  • At Work - to listen to important simiinars, recordings of meetings, or training modules with out being distracted by the busy office space around you
  • During a Commute - whether on planes, trains or automobiles, you can better relax or concentrate without all the hub bub interfering
  • When being entertained - listen to music or watch videos without disturbing others

The list of possibilities is almost endless but I think you get the idea.

Even though earbuds and over the ear headphones perform similarly, earbuds have a couple of distinct advantages over headphones. Earbuds are more comfortable because they weigh less, are less bulky, and do not apply pressure to your head or ears.  No more headaches due to pinched ears or eye glass frames.

Expected Costs

Obviously cheap noise cancelling earbuds are not worth looking at, unless you enjoy watching them break or fall apart straight out of the package. They don't deliver very well on the noise canceling effect so you will have a set of buds that are little better than the stock item that came with you iPod, Zune or other media player.

Conversely, you don't need to mortgage your house to get a good set that will leave you in awe of modern technology.

Good value noise canceling earbuds will start at about $20 and range upwards. Once you get to the $80 price point the differences stop being in performance and start being in design and snob appeal. So, while browsing look for items that have many customer reviews and then read the reviews. See what others have to say before you buy and you will be much happier with your new noise canceling earbuds.

Have You Owned a Set of Noise Cancelling Earbuds?

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