Online Shopping Redefined: Comprehensive Virtual Makeovers

Online shopping recently added a new dimension to your shopping experience! With the advent of body mapping technology, shoppers will now be able to try on make-ups and clothes on their uploaded photos… like real world shopping! Then they can make their decision whether to buy or not to buy a particular product.

Toronto-based ModiFace Inc. recently unveiled their state-of-the art body mapping technology that will help shoppers to try on make-ups and apparels online by using special in-store kiosks, visiting ModiFace Inc. online or downloading their versatile mobile apps.

ModiFace has recently come up with iPhone, iPad and Android apps that will turn any mobile device into a photo-realistic fitting room for cosmetics, skincare and clothing. You will upload your photo, which is then scanned to detect your facial features and body contours. The app will then apply the products onto your photo. In this way the app will allow shoppers to experiment with different eye shadow colors, foundations, blushes, mascaras and lipsticks. If you find a color you like, Ultimate Virtual Makeover will tell you the brand and name of the color and take you directly to the website of the makeup maker. You can buy it online using your credit card.

Dr. Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace, recently said in an interview, “Until now, only certain makeover possibilities and technology options have existed, but we are now providing the complete head-to-toe -- web, tablet, kiosk, mobile -- makeover experience to consumers and partners.”

ModiFace Inc. presently works jointly with their partner companies such as Garnier, Conde Nast, Proactiv, and Stila Cosmetics.

Virtual Makeover Technology

ModiFace's Virtual Makeover Technology features instant facial recognition, full e-commerce integration with partner sites, extensive photo sharing options including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email, as well as nearly 100 unique shade textures, styles, and finishes. According to Dr. Parham Aarabi, the Ultimate Virtual Makeover app will continue to improve over time.

Virtual Makeover Technology
Virtual Makeover Technology
Skin-Care & Anti-Aging Visualization
Skin-Care & Anti-Aging Visualization

Skin-Care & Anti-Aging Visualization

ModiFace's skin-care and anti-aging visualization tools enable brands to showcase their clinical results and products with an easy-to-use results preview tool with instant facial recognition. These tools are embedded with features of full sharing through email, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Dress / Apparel Simulation Technology
Dress / Apparel Simulation Technology

Dress / Apparel Simulation Technology

ModiFace's HTML-based virtual dressing room and body mapping technology creates photo-realistic rendering of apparel / clothing items on user-uploaded photos. All these applications feature photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

So ladies, say goodbye to Bloomingdale's and welcome your iPhone! And get ready with your credit cards. It's a whole new virtual shopping experience out there!

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