Converting OST to PST after synchronization error

The Real Significance of OST Files

The offline storage file primarily known as OST file contains data of inbox, tasks, calendars, deleted items which are synchronized and saved on user’s hard drive. In fact, it is this offline storage file that enables you to conduct assignments offline locally and later get synchronized to the server.

The real advantage of working with offline storage files is when you use these files you just don’t require network connection to be active. Besides this, its role doesn’t get hampered just due to the slow performance of network or internet. Performing any sort of activities on the .ost file is very similar to work you may perform on a MS Word document which only requires its respective application. With OST files you can successfully carry out every function in offline mode as you usually do in online mode.

OST files are very helpful in many situations and this is why used globally. These files are generally stored on the computer where MS Exchange Server is installed. It is helpful in tackling the situation when exchange server goes down. What makes it more special is its ability to provide flexibility as without getting connected to Exchange Server you can work successfully.

Considering OST files as backup copy won’t be wrong. In circumstances where mailbox data gets deleted, backup data can prove very effective and these OST files are alike to backup copy of original data.

OST files are vital in MS Exchange environment and its loss is certainly unbearable.

Why and how to Resolve the OST sync operation error

Whenever Outlook synchronizes with MS Exchange Server entire offline data gets reflected in Outlook. Hence, the sending and receiving process is a continuous process and user can perform their work without any hindrance.

However, there can be synchronization difficulties at times. Because of corruption of OST file, there are occasions when a user may not be able to synchronize with the Exchange Server mailbox. Whenever there is synchronization failure, data of the OST file does not gets converted to PST file. For synchronization, it is very vital to make a connection between Exchange Server and OST file. Consequently, such situation traps the entire offline work. The situation can be managed with the help of effective OST recovery tool. It can retrieve entire lost or inaccessible OST file data by converting them into working PST file.

OST to PST converter is an ideal resolution which works in offline email crisis. The most common synchronization error a user can witness is:

A problem occurred while doing OST sync operation for user 'username'”

This error further describes the message details and name of last synchronized folder. This failed synchronization error can occur if the user has performed some changes in its profile settings or has changed the server name and items. There could be a problem in linking with mailbox containing one or more damaged email messages, No local area network access is available to the client computer.

Another nasty error which user witness is ‘Problem occurred while doing OST sync operation’. To overcome this, first make sure that there has been no profile editing at client computer. If a change has been made, then make sure the mailbox is healthy. The damaged email items should be deleted and the user should synchronize the mailbox after some time when proper network connection to Exchange is available.

Although, if the above method is not successful user can head for OST to PST converter to make the OST files accessible. With use of such tool users are able to access the file content again and make it usable with Outlook.

Kernel for OST to PST conversion tool converts .OST files with all of its items like emails, journals, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts, and attachments into .PST file and is easily accessible with MS Outlook. Once the conversion process is completed formatting of email items in PST file is restored. OST PST converter tool is efficient in recovering encrypted OST files also.

Using Kernel for OST to PST conversion tool:

Firstly, download the free Kernel OST to PST conversion tool. With this tool user can get instant access to OST file, after downloading the tool the following window screen appears:

Firstly, make selection for OST file, select the drive and click search button. The software will search for the required OST and enlists them; user can choose the required OST file to be converted after that click OK button. The selected file appears in the ‘Select corrupted source OST file” dialog. Click OK to get the scanning process started. Once the process is complete message is displayed and the following window appears with the recovered items enlisted in the Left Pane.

Now the users can make way to saving option for the recovered emails. The following Select Output Type" dialog appears:

The software saves the recovered items in the user desired location and will initiate the recovering process. Refer to the window given below:

Once the saving process is completed users can see the confirmation message.

You can also take detailed process of the software working with the video given below:

Free demo version:

Kernel OST to PST conversion tool can also be downloaded for free, hence, the users can easily learn about software functionality and outcome. After successful analysis of demo copy, one can purchase the complete version of the tool and save the recovered items.


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