Fail to access your mails? Look for PST file recovery

In recent years, Microsoft Outlook has come up as an easiest means to communicate. Apart from being a means of communication this program provides the option of schedulers, calendars, journals and many other useful features, which stand to be quite viable to carry on flawless business communication. Microsoft Outlook accumulates user’s emails, attachments, notes, journals, contacts and other personal data. Hence, any sort of damage to PST file limits user to access his account and other user data in Outlook.

For the corruption or damage of .pst files, there could be various reasons. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Corruption of .pst files due to fault in a network

  • Corruption of header inside the pst file

  • PST file damage while compacting

  • Exceeded file size limit of 2 GB

  • Corruption of PST due to defragmentation

Corruption in PST file in every aspect is disturbing and for many it is annoying especially for those who work with Outlook on regular basis. You can realize this easily by considering a scenario when you are travelling and the most recent backup on your travel laptop is a few days stale. You cannot refresh it because of the obvious cause that you are not connected to the Exchange Serve. Moreover, your PST file has got damaged so severely that you cannot even open it. Your inability to access its feature not only makes you paralyzed to update your mails, but also increase the chances of data loss. Mails, attachments and other personal data, which are the part of your business, you will certainly not like to lose the access to them for coming several days.

If you really fall into such situation, you do not need panic as you can easily recover all your entire data with following methods. Follow below method if you are using Windows XP operating system:

  1. Back up your corrupted PST prior to fix corrupt .pst file to use them in bad times. PST is usually located at C:\Documents and Settings\alan.JAPAN\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst on XP unless you have moved it. Open Outlook, to spot the location.

  2. Find scanpst.exe on your XP system through search option on Start Menu. Run scanpst.exe on the corrupted PST file.

  3. Specify the path of the PST file and start scanning.

  4. Soon your file will be scanned and you will be able to view al the files which were once inaccessible.

Although, following these methods you can surely get back all your lost data without losing even a bit of data, but only if there is header corruption. In other cases, you may not recover entire files using scanpst.exe tool. Moreover, it is time consuming. Things become more untidy when you are unaware to operate MS Outlook repair tool. At such point of time, you need to have a convenient tool to perform MS Outlook repair. Kernel for Outlook PST repair is one such tool that can recover entire PST file in just one round of scanning. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair can recover emails, drafts, calendars, contacts, journal, tasks, notes etc., in just minutes of times.


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