UPDATE 10/29/09 The Secrets Computer Repair Companies Don't Want You To See or Maintaining your PC for the Everyday User

Anyone Can Do It!

How many times have you had to call the computer repair people just to be charged an outrageous amount for 20 minutes of work? With the websites you find here you will easily keep your computer trouble free and running like new.

I will continue to post new information as often as possible. Soon I hope to have full color guides and a question and answer section. Don't be afraid to take these first steps. I know if you do, you will find yourself hardly ever needing outside help again.

By now you are probably wondering... Who am I? My name is Andrew and I live in Central Illinois. I have been obsessed by computers since I was very young and started teaching myself repair at the age of 16. When I turned 18 I had a job for a local repair company.

After working there four years, I found myself astonished by the amount of these invoices and decided it was time to go out on my own. I successfully ran my own computer repair company from home for 8 years. Just recently I decided it was time to post this information for everyone to help themselves.

By now you are probably thinking "If he runs a computer business, why is he sharing these tips and guides?"... the answer is simple...I started my business to save people money, and by doing this I continue that goal.

I would like to thank you for sticking around this long. Feel free to post any questions or comments. Also don't forget I will be add to these pages all the time.

Thank you,


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computerrepair 7 years ago from Tulsa, OK

My company has been thinking of doing something like this. Offering a class of some sort to teach them the simple automated removal tools like MalwareBytes or ComboFix so they don't have to pay way overpriced national repair chains to do it for them.

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