Using PDF split solution to avoid avious PDF file issues

Split PDF files to avoid damage issues!

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is the only file format which let computer users to perform flawless transfer of bulky data to all sorts of platforms. This PDF file format is the most secured format used for saving and sharing user’s utmost confidential information and this is one of the exclusive features which makes PDF file universal file format. The PDF file format embeds an encryption feature; owing to which you can protect the data stored in these files. As a result of which these files cannot be edited, copied or formatted by unauthorized users.

Although, large sized PDF documents can pose issues with email client and server. Sometimes the application might reject the transfer or access of bulky and heavy PDF files, thereby, resulting in delay of user’s important work. User can also witness errors while uploading or downloading heavy sized PDF documents. This leads to the need of adept Split PDF and Merge tool; the utility is devised specifically to split and merge heavy sized PDF files. It maintains a hassle free working environment of PDF files for users.

The tool provides feasibility to split large PDF documents on multiple parameters like Split by Page, Page Range, Even and Odd Pages. Moreover, users can also merge small sized PDF files to create presentations and other important documents. As the merging process can be done on priority basis, you can put the pages in a desired order for merging requirements.

The tool is provided with a read-only feature, hence it maintains data integrity and authenticity. PDF Split and Merge tool is complete standalone utility and does not require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to be installed on the user system to perform splitting or merging function.

Below are some key features of the tool:

  • Allow splitting of large PDF documents on several parameters like Split by Page, Page Range, Page size or even and odd pages.

  • User can easily add a folder for merging PDF files rather than selecting files one by one.

  • The Output files are renamed in sequence so that users have the ease to identify them.

  • The tool does not require any platform to run upon.

  • Interactive user interface, requires no technical knowledge.

  • Allows you to prioritize page order while merging the PDF documents.

  • Instant Splitting and Merging of PDF documents.

To get a detailed view of the software working, refer to the video given below:

Perform instant PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge tool is a self-explanatory utility made exclusively for the purpose of PDF Splitting and Merging. With the help of the tool users can easily split bulky PDF documents into smaller chunks and also small PDF files can be merged into one.

Use of PDF documents is widespread and users often develop the need to manage their important PDF data. Therefore, the role of software is vital in managing the routine need of PDF files and data. Also, splitting and merging of PDF document delivers quick access to information and it can be stored efficiently.

Users can also give a try for evaluation version which is available free of cost. The demo version works similar to the complete version of the tool but have certain limitations. While using the demo version it displays a diagonal stamp in red color on every page of PDF document. To get complete access to the document users are required to purchase complete version of the tool.

Therefore, the need to manage important PDF document is met successfully with PDF split and merge tool.

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