Advantages of Phone and Calling Cards

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Phone Cards

Technically, phone cards are consumable cards either prepaid or postpaid that can be used to call internationally.These cards are specialized for international calls, that's why they're pretty much cheaper than other calling methods.

Phone Cards Advantages

Prepaid calling card, by which I mean the international ones, undeniably simplified making calls for the better. There are a lot of advantages by using these, with some of the most important ones listed below:

  • It's generally affordable and easier to use. Compared with almost all methods of international calling, even the ones available in the internet such as Skype calls, phone cards stand out as the cheapest. One reason for this maybe because the rates vary for each country, as compared to some methods which employ a constant rate for all countries. With regards to being an easy method, well this is pretty much a matter of preference.
  • It's not related to any name, number, or address. If you're savvy around maintaining one's privacy, then using phone cards maybe your call. It's a plus feature that you can use these on any payphones, so your privacy is fully guaranteed.
  • It's a lot better Vs GSM for calling internationally. Not just the cost, phone and calling cards are a lot better even with the call quality. There are no monthly bills (except postpaid cards though), and you can budget your international calls very easily.
  • These can become collectors' items. Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of calling card collectors nowadays, with some rare cards even becoming worth thousands. Of course, like with all other collectible stuff, there are a lot to consider, like was that card mass produced or not. This can be a good hobby, especially for enthusiasts.
  • Longer expiry date (or some none at all) than cellphone loads. Some cards expire after years from production. This can be useful especially if you're just going to different countries sparingly, as you won't need to buy again just for the case.

Any Tips When Buying These?

Well, just like with any other purchase, you'll want value for your money. Lucky you, as I've got some tips when buying call cards.

  • If you're up collecting, go for cards. If not, buy pins. Going for electronic transactions would help save the earth, so why not go for one here? There are a lot of electronic merchants selling these as pin codes. Usually, after the electronic transaction, they'll send you the pin in your e-mail. If you want to get the card for collecting, then go for phone cards. Otherwise the used card would just end up as trash. Online merchants like Astracall sell PINs.
  • Be familiar with the rates. Different countries, as well as different companies and even different time can alter the calling rates. Some are cheaper to call at night, while some at weekends or so. Be familiar with these, as knowing this can save you a lot of call credits.
  • If available, subscribe for post-paid. Simply because you'll get access to premium stuff like bonuses, discounts, freebies, and more.

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