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When Apple first launched their iPad, I seriously thought big deal. Why would so many people get so excited about a tablet. Don't get me wrong, I thought that the idea was great and that tablets would eventually become a popular device the same way smart phones have revolutionised the mobile phone market.

However 6 months on I have actually seen several of these iPads in action particularly in the train system that I catch on a daily basis and I think they are really fantastic. The actual size of them is ideal for reading on a train and for accessing the web they are ideal. Much better than a smart phone.

Smart phones are ideal for twitter and other basic social media functions, but for reading long pages online, the need to scroll up/down and left to right can drive you a little crazy and put you off.

So they have arrived and I bet this Christmas they will prove to be a great present that many Australians will receive.

Once you have received your iPad with or without its 3G component how do you get it set up for the net.

All iPads come with Wifi access, so that means that you can tap into someone else's wifi setup eg cafe etc, or you can purchase your own.

All you need is a mini wifi usb that you can setup at home or work that several people can share. These mini wifi pods come with prepaid 3G data as well as post paid or month to month plans. The pod itself retails prepaid for about $100 and Virgin, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone offer them.

If your iPad has the 3G component in it, you can then use it like a mobile phone and buy your 3G sim with any prepaid internet plan. You don't need a dongle or USB stick you just need the sim card and the internet plan.

You also require a microsim to get you started. These are provided by all of the above mentioned providers.

Prices for the iPad start at about $700 and then increase depending on the GB/memory that you require. The 3G version is obviously more expensive than just the wifi version. covers all of the prepaid and month to month data plans available for your 3G ipad.


This is the Apple iPad in all its glory. See below for a video on how to use it. Before you know it you will be craving one.

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PrepaidPlans 4 years ago from Melbourne Author

Well I purchased my iPad 2 recently and yes it is as good as they say.

PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Can't wait for my iPad

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