Going Prepaid or Going Contract with Mobile Broadband

If you have been wondering whether to buy a prepaid or contract mobile broadband plan, then it might be worth taking a look at what 365 day options are available to you because you just might find that a prepaid mobile broadband plan might be some what cheaper and better value. There are certainly some great advantages in going prepaid. Costs management is major factor, so is the flexibility as well as the lack of credit check.

I did some calculations on a 365 day voucher, comparing it with what it would cost to sign up to an equivalent monthly mobile broadband plan. The results of the comparison are below

ISP                      12mth Prepaid Cost        Monthly Postpaid         Best Option
Virgin Mobile     $238/11GB                       $504/24GB                      Prepaid
3 Mobile             $248/12GB                       $456/24GB                      Prepaid
Vodafone           $249/13GB                        $598.80/24GB                 Prepaid
Dodo                   $268/20GB                       $560.76/29GB                 Prepaid

It seems that if you paid upfront for a year, you would get better value going prepaid. You then also have the option of potentially switching ISPs, once the credit has expired. Note it might not be possible between all providers.

Prepaid offers some great advantages and when you add that it might also be quite a bit cheaper when compared to the lower level monthly contract plan, I would certainly pick prepaid..


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