Purchasing A Samsung DLP TV

Purchasing a Samsung DLP TV

If you are in the market for a new television, you should definitely take a look at a Samsung DLP TV. The main types of television technology on the market right now are Plasma, LCD, and DLP. DLP technology is unique because it encompasses over 1 million small mirrors inside the television which reflects a digital picture onto the screen. The little mirrors are the core of what makes up the Digital Micromirror Device or DMD chip. When the TV is turned on, the mirrors face the screen and when it is off, the mirrors face away. Inside the television is a lamp, which needs to be changed after an extended period of time. For most high end brands, like the Samsung DLP TV, the lamp will need to be replaced, on average, after 8,000 hours of use. If you have a lower end brand, it will be must lower. Once it is replaced, the lighting and picture will be like new.

Compared to a plasma TV, a DLP is a better long term value. While you do have to replace the lamp inside the DLP TV after a certain amount of time, it is not that expensive and the TV will work like new again. If you have a plasma television, after a long time you will begin to lose picture quality because you will have dead parts of the screen. There is no way to replace this and in the long term, a DLP TV is more cost efficient. When comparing against an LCD TV, the DLP television is equal in terms of benefits. DLP TV’s run roughly the same price, if not a bit cheaper, but the LCD has a better picture quality. The LCD television does not need to replace a lamp inside, but after long usage, the picture quality will deteriorate.

The bottom line is that DLP TV’s are worth looking at because of their long term value. Picture quality may not be as sharp as the other two options, but it holds its value for a longer period of time. When looking at brands, Samsung is the best one out there. The competition for DLP TV’s is not as fierce as it is for LCD or Plasma, and as an owner of one of these TV’s I can vouch for Samsung. They make a find product and it comes with useful information that can maximize what you can get out of your DLP TV. Television shopping is a fun process and it is important to get a quality product. The Samsung DLP TV is worth looking at and buying. 

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Nick 6 years ago

Samsungs are great tv's and I have an HL56A650 ( 56" DLP ) but, read about all the issues. 1000's of people are having to fix them just after 2 years. Mine is sitting in my den after 14 months with no picture.

Going to take it completely apart and vacuum the insides. Just saying buyer beware. The TV picture is perfect and I like it better than my friends LCD, but geez it should at least run flawless for 3-4 years. I still think I would buy another Samsung even after this hell.


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