How to Recover Your Recycle Bin if You Accidentally Deleted it from Windows 7 Desktop



My former boss called me up one morning asking how to restore the Recycle Bin. Somehow (don’t ask me how) he had deleted the recycle bin from his desktop. This was the second time he had done this but it was my first time to get such a request.

After a little searching on Google, I managed to fix the problem. I will show you how in this hub.

The process is the same restoring the Recycle Bin on Windows Vista.

Restoring the Recycle Bin

The first thing you need to do is right click on the desktop. A dropdown menu will appear, select Personalize. This will take you to the Appearance and Personalization section of the Control Panel.

Select Personalize.
Select Personalize. | Source

On the top left side. There will be a link to Change Desktop Icons. Click on that link and it should open the Desktop Icon Settings box.

Change Desktop Icons
Change Desktop Icons | Source

Now make sure that the Recycle Bin option is checked (ticked). Then click on Apply and OK. Close all the windows and check the desktop to see if the Recycle Bin is back.

Make sure the Recycle Bin option is checked.
Make sure the Recycle Bin option is checked. | Source

Watch the Video on How to Do This

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kumar24894 4 years ago from Fuck of HUBPAGES

Hey thanks for the hub . For one second I thought that if I delete it accidentally then I will open recycle bin and restore it , lol .

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

Thanks for the comment. Thankfully when you delete it on desktop, you are only deleting the icon.

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