Renewable Energy and Taking Action

Renewable Energy Sources

Alternative Energies
Alternative Energies | Source

Renewable Energy Alternative Sources

Being a Canadian citizen or a resident of Canada, you maybe entitled to certain energy benefits by converting to renewable energy from the traditional source of electricity power, If you're proactive for alternative energy, your opinion wouldn't change a thing if you do nothing to help protect the environment from further damage. There's a national movement involved with the endorsements of renewable energy, it's awareness, conversion and how it's applied in helping save the environment.

The conversion towards renewable energy is encouraged by all provincial governments through the various incentives being offered to property owners making the conversion to alternative energy. However, for the green energy movement to succeed on a national scale, people need to voice their opinions through out the country; they need to take the initial steps of converting to renewable energy by setting good examples to their children and their communities. Also, people need to show support within their communities by helping to clean up their environments and take advantage of the various governments incentives to use alternative energy. The government programs are designed to cushion the initial financial cost, thus, making it affordable for almost anyone to achieve success. By taking action, converting to renewable energy will help save the environment and ease the acceleration of global warming.

Solar Energy

Build Your Own Solar Panel
Build Your Own Solar Panel
Build Your Own Wind Turbine
Build Your Own Wind Turbine

How to Benefit from Renewable Energy

Is Renewable energy necessary to save the planet from global warming? I may not have the full answer to that but in my opinion it's a point to start from. Renewable energy can help reverse the carbon damage on the environment and, taking action is the easiest way to support the use of it. By using an alternative source of energy at home and encouraging others to do the same will help build awareness within the communities. it's reasonable to say charity begins at home and unarguably renewable energy begins in the home as well. What's the big deal of being proactive? Having an understanding of the facts and compounded it by a justifiable opinion on what's warming the globe, if you continue to use gallons of oil every day! Therefore, the best way to take action is by literally thinking green, whether you're building, expanding or remodelling your property, there's a way to green it.

Passive Solar Designs

Biomass Pyrolysis instead of Fossil Fuel Phenols
Biomass Pyrolysis instead of Fossil Fuel Phenols | Source

Building Environmental Friendly Homes

Building environmentally friendly homes/businesses require using materials and doing installations differently. Going green doesn't have to be a complete change to alternative energy, all that's really required is a commitment. You can implement renewable energy at any level to fit your personal budget. You can use alternative energy to power a workshop, outdoor lighting, for heating your swimming pool and water tanks or to power part of your home/business. Do it Yourself kits are available at alternative energy retailers for generating electricity from wind, solar or water that can power any or all appliances within your home. Also, there are incentive programs for consumers receiving their supply of electricity from the grid, they have the option to continue using traditional electricity or switch to 100% or maybe a percentage of green energy. The program allows grid/electricity company consumers with concerns for the environment to participate in using renewable energy with the incentives to off-set the cost.

Renewable Energies

Green Energy
Green Energy

Using Energy Efficiently

Is it important to use energy efficiently? Using less energy is a factor most environmentally friendly people are conscious off and willingly practice to save energy. Instead of leaving your house lights on all day, you could take advantage of the outdoor sunlight for stuff like reading or drying cloths in the summer seasons. Also, the use of passive solar home designs for utilizing energy more efficiently. Passive solar designs incorporates the elements of the environment to boost the use of indoor energy. You can start by replacing leaky, bad sealed windows with energy efficient ones, building or installing walls that use materials that absorbs the heat of the sun, which is then distributed to other areas of the house via fans in winter. In the summer time, overhangs on the southern facing windows are effective in keeping the house cool from direct sunlight. Passive solar home designs are generally great initial commitments in supporting renewable energy.

Home Solar Panels

Solar Panels system
Solar Panels system | Source

Renewable Energy Begins at Home

Renewable energy, where to begin? Making good decisions on alternative energy sources require fundamental information on the subject and knowledge is power. Fortunately for us, the three biggest sources of information is the library, Internet and the Government. The Library is great for starters; it's amazingly interesting how everything overlaps with technology. All Canadian libraries allow access to the internet making them the perfect place for research. At the library, you can access the federal government’s ministry of Energy and the provincial governments energy incentive programs via the internet, you can download all the necessary information on alternative energy to make an informed decision. While you're at it, subscribe to some of the renewable energy sites for the latest news and events on renewable energy and, create Google alerts on the government's incentive programs to stay up-to-date on the latest literature that's published.

Planning for the Future

Renewable Energy action Plan
Renewable Energy action Plan

Green Energy - Taking Action

Renewable energy and taking action have a ripple effect when you join a few of the local associations supporting alternative energy sources. The more people get involved in community groups promoting renewable energy, the more the government increases their campaigns for alternative energy. The emphasis to replace fossil fuels, the traditional source of energy with alternative sources of clean energy is a noble cause to save the environment. With the alarming rate of global warming, it's become necessary for us to stop relying on fossil fuels and set a policy for environmental friendly energies as the future plan to save the planet from global warming.

Best Renewable Energy

What's your best alternative energy

  • Water Power
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Giothermal Power
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Power
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Alternative Energy Sources

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