Resolve DBF file errors efficiently

How to resolve DBF file errors with ease

No matter how much feasibility of information sharing is offered by MS Visual FoxPro database files, they are provided with flaws as well. The database files maintained under application are stored in the form of tables and they saved under individual DBF file application. Users are able to access data stored in the table and can even edit or format data file. Now, during this time DBF file of MS FoxPro can get struck with errors and damage.

Generally users witness errors posed in DBF file at the time of uploading or saving the DBF files. Some common DBF files errors are listed below:

Data file inaccessible’

Can’t open the database file’

The above error occurs due to corruption and damage in DBF file of MS Visual FoxPro. Prime reason for such damage is incomplete or improper saving process, although the latest version of FoxPro and development platforms is provided with steps so that proper file saving is conducted. Even then, DBX files can get prone to corruption which often confuses users about the real cause of file damage. Furthermore, situation can turn rather disastrous when it leads to heavy data loss situations.

Restoring the DBX database data then becomes need of hour. With the help backup users can revive the data back, but at times when user fails to restore backup making use of third party repair DBX utility is the option. Kernel for DBF is an eminent option that delivers repair solution for damaged FoxPro database (.DBF) files. The repair DBF is able to deal with all sorts of FoxPro database file errors and perform impeccable recovery.

Some key features of the tool include:

  • The tool makes recovery for damaged DBF database table.

  • The tool can perform batch repairing of DBF files.

  • The tool boosts user friendly and easy to understand functionalities.

Also you can refer to the step by step working of the tool discussed below:

  1. As the software is launched onto the user system, welcome screen of the software is displayed:

2. User can make selection of DBF files to be repaired, the following window will be displayed indicating the DBF repair process:

3. Finally when the Repair DBF is through, entire recovered data will be displayed, the subsequent window will appear:

Also an enhanced glimpse of software working can be taken with the video given below:

Free Evaluation version:

Kernel for DBF Repair tool is available for free trial; users can download the demo version and analyze complete software working. It will display preview of the recovered file but will not allow its saving. To save the recovered DBX data users can make purchase for complete version of the tool.

Platforms supported by the tool:

The tool is compatible with entire version of the DBF database, these include, FoxBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, dBASE III, dBASE IV, dBASE 5 for dos, dBASE 5 for Windows etc.

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mutu26 5 years ago

nice tool

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mikeportel 3 years ago

Repair your DBF database files with Kernel for DBF repair tool to repair my all over DBF database file without loss any data file. The software support all version of MS windows (32 Bit and 64 Bit).

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