When your sent items email body seems empty in Outlook Express

Nowadays, Outlook Express is widely used email client but there are many of corruptions and error issues can occur easily that create problems in accessing your email folders. There are many reasons for corruption of Outlook Express .dbx that maximize the size of mailbox i.e. 2 GB file size limitation. People usually compact the DBX file to deal with size issue but even compacting may cause corruption. Another causes of corruption can be power failure, unexpected shutdown and virus attack etc.

When you have the latest backup copy in such times of email crisis, you can access the DBX file again. But you cannot completely depend on backups because they can’t produce the accurate results. There can be situations, where the backup file fails to provide required results and leave the user in a troublesome state. Now in that case, you will need to take help of third-party tools for Outlook Express repair. These tools are easily available in the market and can be availed at affordable rate.

Here we take an example of corruption in Outlook Express when a user can't see the sent items emails' body. Just take an example of the action of sending an email in Outlook Express. Suppose you send an email, the recipient receive the mail successfully. The sent mail should get saved in your ‘Sent Items’ folder. But when you check your sent items emails, you find that there is no content in their body.

Reason for this issue

The main reason that can be considered responsible for this error is the folder, which is saved on disk as Sent Items.dbx.


To solve this issue, you can try repairing, deleting or renaming the folder. You can choose any of them as per the importance of the data stored in that folder.

You can follow the steps are given below to delete or rename Sent Items.dbx:

  • Exit Outlook Express

  • Click Start option on Windows and point to its Find option

  • Click Files or Folders and type Sent Items.dbx in the Named box

  • You can select your primary drive in Look In box

  • Click Find Now

  • Right-click the folder thus searched

  • Click Rename or Delete. You can rename the file to Sent Items.old

  • Restart Outlook Express and you will see a new empty Sent Items folder

If you want to get positive and secure results, you should use Repair DBX software to repair the damaged DBX file. You can use one of the popular software- Kernel for Outlook Express.

With the help of this software you can repair corrupt, damaged, inaccessible .DBX files and recover important emails from them. This Outlook Express Repair software enables the users to easily recover emails, attachments, images, Unicode characters, email properties, permanently deleted emails. Kernel for Outlook Express can solve all issues of Sent Items mails. This software works well with Outlook Express 5.0 and above version. Free demo version of the Outlook Express repair software is also available that gives the idea about how the software works and how effective it is.

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pstrepairt 4 years ago

A big thank you to you for taking the time to share this information. Really give good solution and information related to outlook express.

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