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Resolving error while connecting to SQL server using Windows authentication

Users may often witness a troublesome situation while they are logging into SQL server with Windows authentication. Herein, you can find informative guidelines on how to overcome this situation. While using SQL authentication which require specific guidelines provided by the SQL administrator, there is really no problem. However, if the user makes use of logging with Windows authentication then there are strong chances of getting trapped, which lead to failed login system.

Whenever users connect with MS SQL Server with the help of Windows Authentication the connection might get aborted in the middle and starting SQL becomes unsuccessful. Also the following error message is received when the user makes use of SQL command-line utility to the SQL server instance:

Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

If the user is making use of SQL Query Analyzer to connect with instance of SQL Server, the following error message is witnessed:

Unable to connect to server NameOfTheInstanceOfSQLServer

Server: Msg 18452, Level 16, State 1
[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [SQL Server] Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

The root causes of this problem could be:

  • TCP/IP server network is used in the instance of SQL server for client connections.

  • A Windows user account is different from the present Windows login account which is set as the service account for the MS SQL Server service which corresponds to the instance of SQL Server.

Another simple reason could be, Windows user account is being utilized to make connection to the instance of SQL Server which do not make required permissions on the computer.

To resolve the above issues, it is recommended to change the user right setting on the computer so that there are sufficient permissions to the Windows user account. This is used to connect with instance of the SQL Server. For doing this, go to the start and then Administrative Tools and Local Security Policy. In the left pane of the Local Security window, expand the Local Policies and click the User Rights Assignment. In the right pane, modify the policies settings to add the users. Now close the Local Security window and restart the instance of SQL Server.

Even now, if there are hassled situation of data loss and SQL .mdf database corruption, there is need of adept third party Repair SQL Database tool. The tool is an eminent utility to extract all lost, damaged objects of SQL database such as triggers, stored procedures, views, rules, defaults, tables and records etc. The Repair sql tool makes in-depth scanning to retrieve entire user data instantly and maintain the data integrity.

Kernel for SQL recovery is proficient result oriented SQL server recovery that performs flawless SQL Server repair. You can check out its working with the description given below:

Once the user downloads the software and launch into the system the following window appears:

After this, user can make selection for corrupt .mdf file from system disk. The selection screen will appear, choose the corrupt file and click Open. The corrupt MDF file will get enlisted in the Kernel Recovery for SQL for repairing. The recovery process is initiated and the result is displayed in the table like form. Refer to the window given below:

Now the users can save the entire output with the save option available. Kernel Recovery for SQL will ask for the desired location to save recovered results.

To get a more detailed view of the software working you can view the video given below:

Free Evaluation Version:

Kernel for SQL recovery can be availed for free evaluation so that user can understand the software working and functionalities. However, the demo version has certain limitations; it limits the user to save the entire recovered data. Complete version of the tool has to be availed to save the entire recovered output.

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