Resolve corruption issues in Word Master Document File

How to perform Word Master Document Recovery?

When we create sub documents in MS Word it's known as Word Master Document. Therefore, a word master document file is very important file utility and several sub documents can be created with the help of this utility.

What is the exact meaning of Word Master Document? Master documents file is the series of links to sub documents and we can manage and organize other documents in a single documents. Like other Word documents (.doc), these Master Documents also has the issues of corruption. When the pointer or the entry in the table that points to master document is corrupt then corruption will be occur in the Master Document. Because of this you cannot access the doc file.

You can easily recover your corrupt word file, if you have the latest backup. Think what will happen if backup is not available? Now, for accessing your Word document file you will need word recovery software by which you can accurately and securely recover your word document file.

When corruption is occurred to the file, we encounter following error message:

This document may be corrupt. To preserve the contents:

- Choose Select All from the Edit menu, then choose Copy from the Edit menu.

- Create a new document, then choose Paste from the Edit menu.”

Normally, people lose self-control on occurrence of this error message because indicates danger for word document file. However, you should not worry after seeing this error message and try to find out the main cause and resolution for the corruption taking help of Word document repair tools.


When above mentioned error message is seen it means that the document has got corrupt. Generally corruption occurs, when the pointer or the entry in the table gets corrupt. Another reason for this corruption is that when a Word file is not able to keep a track of the information of expanded sub documents in the master document.


There are various doc recovery tools available in the market so you should not worry about the corruption of your Word file data. They can easily recover all the lost or deleted word document data. As the master document may contain crucial business data, using Word file recovery tool is a prudent.

Kernel for Word document recovery is one of the most popular Word file recovery tool and with the help of this tool you can get access to your lost .doc file data. Don't Worry, after recovery of data, this tool will maintain data integrity.

This software recovers each and every Word file components including tables, bulleted lists, embedded images, chart and drawing without any difficulty.

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Jack Catel profile image

Jack Catel 4 years ago


Great hub, but i suggest some trick to repair word file

To recover a damaged document if it detects a problem with word document file. You can also force document file to rpair a corrupted word file

Follow these steps:

1. Open the damaged document in draft mode

2. Change format

3. Restore data from recent backup file

4. Open windows in safe mode

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