Replace Your Windows and Save Energy and Money

Replace Your Windows and Save Energy and Money

A friend recently moved to a house built in the 30s. Although the house was the target of renovations over the years, the occupiers have discovered a major flaw - the old windows and frames. Their windows not only allow that much of the outside noise to reach the interior of the house but were also largely ineffective in isolating and keep the indoor temperature. Their decision to replace the windows for newer models will save much money, increase comfort and security and, above all, will give them a good night's rest.

A good window is one that increases the isolation to a level similar to a wall. The factor measures the strength of energy through a window is called the "U Factor". And the Coefficient Solar Heat Gain measures the ability of the window to block solar heat entering the house. For these two measures, the lower the value, the better.

There are several ways to update a window. A more efficient glass, air boxes where they can inject a heavy gas, better window frames, etc... The benefits of a new window go beyond energy savings. Improve sound insulation and also improve the visual effect. Replacing windows is one of the few improvements that can be done in a house that will not only increase its value but also will help save energy and money.

The replacement of windows can vary between $200 and $700 per window. If your budget does not allow these values to spend, there are some solutions that can improve the quality of your existing windows. Nowadays it is possible to isolate a window by applying a layer of glass in a product thereby increasing its insulating ability. These filters contain metal that helps to reflect heat, keeping it indoors. They also help prevent moisture and infiltration and block ultraviolet rays.

Whether you choose to replace your windows or apply a filter in place. An update of this kind will bring huge benefits for your home and help save energy and money.

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