Nook Color review

Nook Color by Barnes & Noble
Nook Color by Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Nook Color review

It's now official: the next generation of eBook readers from Barnes & Noble is called the Nook Color, an Android-based tablet with a 7" color 1024x600 touchscreen from LG. Priced at $ 249, the Nook Color has been announced earlier today (Oct.26th) at a special event held by Barnes & Noble where journalists were invited.

Nook Color
Nook Color

Nook Color features

It has been a long day... Here's an outline of what the Nook Color offers. I'll come back later to fill in the gaps.

  • Runs on Android 2.1 but does not support Flash video
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Nook Color to start shipping November 19th

Color Touchscreen Display

  • 7-inch LG VividView Color Touchscreen
  • Extra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Portrait or Landscape View

Built-in Wi-Fi connection

  • Web Browser
  • Download books/magazines


  • 8GB of built-in memory
  • MicroSD memory card


  • An array of over 2 million books
  • You can visit any Barnes & Noble store with your Nook in hand and read for free for up to one hour per day
  • Lifetime Library: Whether you upgrade or replace a lost Nook, or use the free Nookapps to read on another device, your books can be re-downloaded anytime


  • An ever-growing list of magazines and newspapers (over 100 newspapers and magazines at launch)
  • Your daily newspaper and latest magazine issues automatically download wirelessly every morning
  • New subscribers get a free 14-day trial subscription to any digital magazine or newspaper

What's in the box
What's in the box
Nook Color (detail)
Nook Color (detail)

Nookcolor Unboxing

Here's what John Watson from DroidDog had to say about the Nook Color:


Nook 2 : The Saga

The rumor had been around for a while, and swollen for several days after someone at Cnet discovered protective shields which briefly appeared on Barnes & Noble's website for a device called the Nook color (illustrated by the image below).

The initially leaked image of the Nook Color (source:Cnet)
The initially leaked image of the Nook Color (source:Cnet)

Cnet discovered this picture just before it was removed. The lack of apparent buttons confirmed a full touchscreen Nook.

One wondered what kind of color screen that model was to offer. Rumors then mentioned the Mirasol display, from Qualcomm MEMS Technologies as a potential candidate.

But no... It turned out to be a backlit LG screen with an anti-glare film. I know some people were disappointed...

The first indications of such a device have surfaced as it was found that the firm registered the domain name Since Barnes & Noble's event this link redirects to the B&N website.

UPDATES (LIVE - 4pm EST - Oct. 26)

  • Live from the Barnes & Noble event!
  • "Meet Nook Color by Barnes & Noble."
  • Nook Color will have Web browsing over WiFi, games and more. (Nook Color is WiFi only, no 3G.)
  • Nook Color designed in partnership with Yves Béhar.
  • The new Nook will offer over 100 newspapers and magazines, viewable in landscape or portrait.
  • Nook Kids will offer up a bunch of full-color kids books.
  • Nook Color display is an LG 7-inch LCD screen with a thin-film filter that's said to minimize glare.
  • Nook Color has an 8-hour battery life.
  • Nook Color has 8 gigs of memory, or "6,000" books.
  • Comes with a microSD slot.
  • Interesting feature when reading periodicals: Article View, which seems to dispenses with all that page-layout stuff.
  • Extras on Nook Color include Pandora music and Sudoku.
  • Nook Color price: $249.
  • Nook Color to start shipping NOVEMBER 19.
  • You can listen to music and read at the same time on the Nook Color.
  • Nook Color screen resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels.

Here's one of the first videos showing the nookcolor capabilities. In fact, it's not really a fully "hands-on" video, as only B&N reps could handle the devices at the event.


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Comments 5 comments

Taylor George 6 years ago

I love the nook color... It is the cutest e reader ever!!!!!!!!

wendell day 5 years ago

When will nook color support flash view

Rob 5 years ago

Bought one of these and I think they are pretty good for the money paid. I did have a hard time finding a sleeve for it. However, found a small company that makes a pretty good sleeve for this unit and sells them for only $8.95 with free freight at

By the same token, if anyone knows of where I can buy a good cover (not a sleeve) that is not too expensive for the Nook Color, please let me know.


Tim 5 years ago

Nook Color can only play these video formats: 3GP, 3G2, MP4, M4V, and OGG. And supports MPEG-4 Simple Profile up to 854×480, H.263 up to 352×288, and H.264 Baseline profile up to 854×480. So if u want enjoy your video on Nook Color, u must convert video to these Nook Color compatible formats. I suggest u try Foxreal Video Converter , which can convert all format videos to Nook Color with the optimized format (MP4, H.264, 854×480).

U can try it, good luck!

Lindsay 5 years ago

Can someone please tell me if you can read the nookcolor outside in the broght sun?

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