The Facebook-Like Social Site Known as Tsū Has Shut Down

As of August 2nd, 2016, Tsū has announced that they are shutting down. What a shame. Sebastian Sobczak, the CEO, claims they will pay out whatever revenue users have collected. That makes this article obsolete, just so you know before wasting time reading it.
Tsū is similar to Facebook, but with a revenue sharing philosophy compensating its users.
Tsū is similar to Facebook, but with a revenue sharing philosophy compensating its users.

Tsū began as a social network by Sebastian Sobczak in October 2014. It's design is similar to Facebook.

The idea behind Tsū is to provide a useful forum for people to share information, and find other people who have similar interests. This is similar to Facebook, but the main difference is that they pay for the activities of their members.

All the people who create social content on Facebook get nothing for it. Sebastian Sobczak feels that it’s only fair to share their ad revenue with the users who make the Tsū platform successful.

When you consider how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook by accident in a college endeavor, it's interesting to note that it takes a $7 million investment to start a new social network that’s even better. In October 2014, Tsū did just that! And I think it may be a game-changer in the world of social media.

In the following article I’ll explain what I learned so far while using Tsū.

The Users Create the Value of the Network

Tsū places value on the people who are involved in the social network. Does Facebook value their subscribers? I think not.

Tsū keeps 10% and pays the other 90% to the users for their content creation and their social interaction. But don’t think you will make a living on that. The main reason for being on any social network is to share thoughts, ideas, and other information.

Money Attracts Spam, but with Quick Elimination

Due to the potential for money, there are spammers trying to make a quick buck.

In the first few days of Tsū’s existence, they were inundated with people asking for “follow me and I’ll follow you” and also friend requests.

The smart people ignored this and even reported it. Each post and each profile has a button to click to report spam.

Tsū has virtually cleaned up the spam. Sebastian Sobczak, the founder, said they implemented a software filter to detect these spammers and automatically ban their accounts.

Anthony Long, a software engineer at Tsū, posted that anyone who requests follow for follow will be banned. And he was serious.

Using Search To Make Tsū a Positive Experience

I decided to join out of curiosity, but in just two weeks I discovered that there are a lot of professional people posting interesting and practical information. You just need to know how to find them and how to avoid the useless stuff.

In the upper left corner there is a search box where you can put in someone’s name, or a keyword for something you are interested in finding. With keywords, you will find people who post topics of your interest.

Search Field in top left corner on Tsū
Search Field in top left corner on Tsū

Many people include hashtag keywords in their posts to improve search capabilities. These are keywords with a “#” in front of the word. If you're looking for a specific topic, use a hashtag keyword in your search. Below is a table of examples.

Topic Examples Using Hashtags

Food and Cooking
#recipes #nutrition #diet #supplements
Healthy Eating
#glutenfree #lowcarb #vegan #vegetarian #organic #wholefoods #plantbased #healthyfood #naturalremedies
Travel Information
#travel #tour #explore #cities #trips
Health Related Topics
#health #fitness #loseweight
Love and Romance
#happiness #romance #love #dating #marriage
Science & Technology
#technology #discoveries #science
Motivational Topics
#Inspire #motivation #experience #development #feelings
Finance and Investing
#investing #stocks #TastyTrade #stockmarket #optiontrading #wallstreet #warrenbuffett
Clothes Shopping
#clothes #fashion #accessories #boutique #shoes

Collaborate with Like-minded People

By searching with keywords you'll soon find yourself engaging with other people. I’ve been doing that and have found many other people who want to discuss mutual fields of interest.

You can get into ongoing conversations by posting comments under other peoples posts, and replying to comments left by others. If you tag someone by placing an @ sign in front of their username, they will be notified that you had mentioned them in your post or comment.

Example of Conversational Comments


It’s Easy to Interact

You can post your own thoughts or share posts of others. You can include pictures or YouTube videos. You can also add comments to any post and reply to comments left by others on your posts.

Privacy is no issue. You can report spam and delete comments that are inappropriate.

Here is a sample of a real post I made. Note the additional options below the text area to add a picture and a title. You can also change the post from “public” to “friends only.”

Example of How I Post to Public

Avoiding Scammers and Spammers

You will notice after a while a lot of people following you. The question is: are they following you because they are interested in what you post? Or do they just want you to follow them back.

If you’re not careful, and if you just follow people blindly, you will run into a lot of useless posts filling up your feed.

The trick to making Tsū a useful site is to only follow people you want to keep in touch with. This really goes without saying. But unfortunately many people follow back all their followers. I see no purpose in this. And when you do that, you will only get a lot of stuff on your feed that you have no interest in reading. What’s worse, you’ll end up missing the good stuff.

Are Friends for Real?

I only friend people I know. When you post something, you can specify if it should be seen publicly or only by your friends. So why do people accept friends requests blindly from anyone requesting it?

Tsū gives you a lot of control over privacy settings, and I shut off my friend request option on my profile. I chose to do that because people who didn’t even read a single post were inundating me with friend requests.

When you manage your Tsū account professionally, you will have a great experience.

In the first month Tsū was online, many people were spamming for friends and follow for follow. These activities are against the TOS and those spammers had been banned.

It's best to only accept friend requests from people who are not spamming (asking for followers, shares, etc.) Otherwise you'll be in with the wrong crowd that eventually gets banned.

It’s getting better. And I am sure we can count on it that the investors who put $7 million into the development of Tsū will not want to see it fail.

A True Network of People You Know

One has to be invited to open an account, and any member can invite anyone they know. I’ll invite you at the end of this article. Now, the interesting thing is that you begin to build a down line of children and grandchildren. And you can track their activity simply by clicking through your family tree.

As you can see above in my family tree, I have 27 children. That is, 27 people who signed up via my profile link. My tree also shows that I have 56 people in my network. Our network includes all the children of our children.

How Tsū Shares Advertising Revenue

I really don’t want to put a lot of emphases on this. At the start, the sheer thought of it had attracted spammers.

For those of us who are serious and who act professional, it’s simply something to look forward to as Tsū grows. Especially those who are involved early, and building a network of children, may have the tendency to see some meaningful payments for their social activity over time.

Presently, Tsū pays by check once you reach $100 in your bank. But they may begin using PayPal at a later time. If you go over $600 in a year, then they will ask for your tax info for IRS reporting.

Algorithm for Revenue Sharing

10%, leaving 90% for users
Content Creator (users)
50% of the 90% = 45%
Person who invited you
1/3 of the above remainder
Person who invited them
1/3 of the above remainder
And so on...
And so on (infinite thirds)...

You are the content creator of your own posts. You are the child of the person who invited you.

The remainder after paying you is divided between the person who invited you and with their up line. It keeps being divided in diminishing thirds as shown in this table. It’s known as the “rule of infinite thirds.” What that means is that you get a small part of the earnings from the activities of your children and their children.

Imagine if you were one of the first million people on Facebook and if they had shared their revenue as Tsū does. That’s something to think about. But I’m not in it for the money. And I don’t want to make you think you should consider that to be the reason to join. However, you never know.

Misguided Money Madhouse

Unfortunately there are a few people focused on the money aspect. This obviously is a side effect of the business model of Tsū paying 90% of ad revenue to the users.

Some people seem to be misguided into thinking they can make a living from the income. But they don’t even try to do anything constructive. They just spam the site with requests to follow for follow, which is against the terms of service.

I even see some of these fools sending these requests directly to staff members, which gets them banned almost instantly. They obviously never read any posts, or they would have known whom they’re spamming.

There’s more to originality and creativity than feeding off the frenzy. When one is creative and posts content that others truly find interesting, they will discover that they get more followers who are genuinely interested in reading what they have to say.

I see a lot of people following 1000 people. I know they can't be reading 1000 posts each day and these are the people you don't want following you anyway.

I can see only one reason for following that many people. They are hoping a majority of them follow back. This is so misguided!

I'd rather have a handful of people following me who are genuinely interested in what I have to say. At least I know they will always be there, just as I am as I read their posts. But I guess we are all entitled to our own opinion. Everyone is free to follow up to 1000 people. But there is no limit to how many followers one can have.

Tsū Analytics

Tsū has been well designed with a full range of analytics reports and graphs to help you monitor how well your activities are being engaged. You can see a graph of views of your posts, your likes, and comments.

I've only been active on Tsū for two weeks and these are screenshots of my analytics -- as of the writing of this article.

Analytics of Views

My Screenshot - Analytics of Views
My Screenshot - Analytics of Views

Analytics of Likes

My Screenshot - Analytics of Likes
My Screenshot - Analytics of Likes

Analytics of Comments

My Screenshot - Analytics of Comments
My Screenshot - Analytics of Comments

Analytics also include a detailed listing of all your posts and comments you’ve made, with totals of views, likes and comments.

Analytics of Posts

My Screenshot - Analytics of Posts
My Screenshot - Analytics of Posts


I did notice that I am accumulating a penny a day. That must be coming from the activity of my down line, certainly not from me, as I have zero views most of the time. A few of my children have brought on other members. So I have some great grand children in my Tsū network that I don’t even know.

I do find it interesting how my network is slowly growing with our any effort on my part. As of February 2015 I had 28 in my network. That’s counting all the children of my children. In May 2015 I had 41. In June I reached 46.

A problem remains that bothers me. I’m not sure how those pennies are posted to our bank. I hope they are based on actual earnings and not based on user activity. Otherwise they may run into the same trouble that Bubblews ran into.

How Long it Took Social Media Sites to Reach 1,000,000 Users

1,000,000 Users
1 month
2.5 months
10 months
20 months
24 months
24 months
10 million in 16 days
It’s interesting to compare various sites and see how they grew in their initial stages.

Tsū Reality Check with Active Members

Despite what I just said about those continuous pennies that are most likely due to activity of my children, it is likely that it’s just a few who are creating that activity.


I studied my down line by clicking through my descendants in my family tree. I viewed the activity of each member in my tree and discovered that most of them never even set up their profile. All they did was create the account.

Then I see that some others started by uploading an avatar and background image for their profile, but never came back to post anything.

Based on my count, less than 20% of members are actually active. Other members have done similar research and shared their findings in a forum that matched my results. But when we consider that active members conducted this survey, the results may be skewed. It’s more likely that the actual figures are even lower.

Even though many members are not active, some are tremendously active. So where this leads, only time will tell.

Staff Engages with Users

I find that the staff is very responsive to the users. We’re encouraged to report bugs and suggest ideas for improvements. Here is an example of a real post Shayla left for Anthony Long, Tsū’s software engineer…

Example of Software Engineer Anthony Long responding to help query
Example of Software Engineer Anthony Long responding to help query

Is Tsū Right for You?

If you are on Facebook and you’re getting tired of the privacy issues, you may want to consider Tsū.

If you are looking for another venue to share your experiences and your creations, I highly recommend it.

If you are searching for other people to communicate with about common interests, Tsū is definitely the place to be.

If you want to make money from posting, don’t be lead on by the get-rich-quick scams you’ll see posted by people who don’t have anything better to do.

But don’t let that dissuade you either. Just ignore those people. Don’t follow them. Don’t friend them. You may even block them.

Tsū is a place for creative people, anyone who has original thoughts to share.

You Can Make Tsū What You Want

I find Tsū to be a cross between Facebook and Twitter, only better than both. It’s more streamlined than Facebook and there are no limitations like Twitter imposes on length of posts.

Once you know where to look, you’ll find a fantastic life on Tsū fulfilled by intelligent people sharing useful content.

As an example, if you search the hash tag keyword "#HubPages" you will find many writers from HubPages who are collaborating on Tsū about their writing.

I also like to follow posts on #nature and #science. You can find discussions and posts on just about anything and start interacting immediately.

This is a more effective way to use Tsū. Believe me. There are many really good people on Tsū and they are actively engaging and helping one another.

My Final Thoughts

I really expect Tsū to be a major player in the social media arena soon. They know what they're doing and they are professional about it.

Tsū’s revenue sharing philosophy could change the way social media needs to behave in the future, giving money back to the users such as you who build the network with their activity.

© 2014 Glenn Stok

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Comments 22 comments

RachaelOhalloran profile image

RachaelOhalloran 2 years ago from United States

Hi Glenn, This was a good article, very informative. I always enjoy reading about a new startup and checking them out. This site sounds good, but I imagine it takes quite a while to get to $100, unless you rapidly develop a network of followers and find a good niche.

I am curious exactly who is behind Tsu so that one doesn't get involved in this new startup if they are ex-owners of recent sites which have closed down. I will investigate that in the next day or so.

My concern is that I have managed to spread myself all over the place on HP and would enjoy getting settled on a site so I am publishing one type of article - my hubs are very diversified here (biographies, copyright infringement, health articles, etc.) . I have been thinking that I want to be known for writing on one topic and have followers of just that one topic. Whether that is a good idea or not, I don't know. lol I will check out Tsu in the next few days. Thank you for writing about this and for inviting readers to join with the link.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 2 years ago from Southwest Missouri

Thanks, Glenn! You presented an easy-to-follow guide and expectations for Tsu!

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

RachaelOhalloran - Your idea of writing on one topic is a good one. It creates authority on that single subject and helps improve Google traffic. I have the same issues as you do, I write about several unrelated topics. So my authority on any one of them is diminished in the eyes of Google. That is the advantage of creating a separate account on another site, and focusing on one topic there.

Tsu can be used to engage with people who have the same interests as you. But it's not a writing site, per sé. However, you are allowed to post links to your hubs from Tsu. Many people are doing that and it's a great way to attract new readers.

When you check out the people behind Tsu, you'll see that Sebastian Sobczak was not involved with any of the sites that were shut down as far as I know. He had a backing of millionaire investors to build Tsu from the ground up, where they raised $7 million.

When you're ready to sign up, come back to my hub and follow the link at the end so you can get access to sign up by invitation. Thanks for your comments on this.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

sholland10 - Thanks Sue, for this feedback. And thanks also for sharing my article on Tsu with your followers. I appreciate that.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Great hub and very informative Glen! I have a few people that I followed back and yes the posts in my feed are starting to make me crazy. Do you happen to know if we can unfollow people?

Sharing on Facebook and tsu.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

Just Ask Susan - Ha Ha, I had the same experience with useless posts in my feed. I had unfollowed a lot of people who were only talking about making money. You can unfollow just by clicking the following button on anyone in your follow list. Thanks for sharing.

Don Bobbitt profile image

Don Bobbitt 2 years ago from Ruskin Florida

Glenn- Thanks for a great and informative article.

Tsu looks like a more sane site than the existing "Big Boys". And like many people, I have been on Facebook for years and become more and more frustrated with their constant attempts to grow at the expense of their members.

So, it looks like you will now have a new "Child" as soon as I finish this Comment.

I will probably reference your article, if you don't mind as invite some of my "friends" to joint me.

hanks again, and have a great day,


David Stone1 profile image

David Stone1 2 years ago from New York City

Excellent presentation of what Tsu is about. I'd seen it mentioned but didn't really get it. Now, I do. They have a future, and it looks like a good spot for anyone wanting to expand their social networking. It's on the right track.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

Don Bobbitt - Glad to have you on board at Tsū. Of course, feel free to reference my hub. But have your friends sign up via your own profile link so they become YOUR children.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

David Stone1 - Yes, they are on the right track. With $7 million invested I can see why they already have an excellent site handled professionally.

goatfury profile image

goatfury 2 years ago from Richmond, VA

Okay, I'll look more deeply. Right now I just see a bunch of people posting and zero comments for 95% of the posts. Maybe I'm not friends with the right people.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

goatfury - You probably are not following the right people. Don't follow just because someone followed you. I see a lot of people following just to try to get followers. These people are not engaging. Avoid them.

Remove anyone from your following list who you see are not posting meaningful comments. Also remove anyone asking "follow for follow." These people are getting banned. It's against the TOS.

The better thing to do is to follow those who post about things that interest you. Since you're a writer, how about following other HubPages authors. Search for "#HubPages" in the search field.

Jlbowden profile image

Jlbowden 2 years ago from Long Island, New York

Yes Glenn, I'm glad I joined! I really like this platform much better than Facebook. And to add - having loads of fun interacting on a new social media platform. Thanks again.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

Jlbowden - I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Tsū. The experience you're having with interacting is a result of knowing who to pay attention to. There are a lot of people who follow without reading and they need to be ignored. I even unfollowed people who are not engaging. A good experience on Tsū is simply a result of adjusting our following list properly.

RachaelOhalloran profile image

RachaelOhalloran 2 years ago from United States

You can count me among your children, Glenn. I joined today. Thanks for writing about it. :)

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

Rachael - I noticed you were my child last night while checking Tsū. Almost missed this comment. So much to do! LOL. As I recall you saying, it's not easy keeping up with several social networks at once.

goatfury profile image

goatfury 2 years ago from Richmond, VA

I've got six "children", and I definitely don't generate any passive income (at least that I can see - I'm at 4 cents).

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

goatfury - Wait till you get to 24 in your network. They don't have to be direct children. You still get a small part of the earnings from lower levels (grandchildren and great grandchildren). Try to help your six children get others to sign up under them. When the exponential growth starts occurring it may get interesting.

janderson99 profile image

janderson99 2 years ago from Australia on Planet Water

Glenn - classic Pyramid scheme and classic promotion of how to make it work.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

janderson99 - Not really. A pyramid scheme requires people to sell a product to a downline and make their downline do the same thing. Tsū does not require any form of selling anything. The cost of membership is free. If people choose to tell others about it and have them sign up as their children, that is their choice.

People who focus on earning money are wasting their time. Over the long haul that may be a benefit, but the main purpose of Tsū is the social media sharing of information. At least those are the people I'm finding there. When you take the time to look around you'll find interesting conversations. Then just follow those topics of interest.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

I've come back to review this again. Appreciate your straightforward presentation of Tsū that explains the purpose of the site and find the comments here interesting. Am looking for the moment they go with PayPal, and am surprised they haven't yet. 7 million seems like enough to get the job done. Will look for updates here again.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

RTalloni - Thanks for stopping by again. I'm surprised too about PayPal. It is so strange that they actually cut checks by hand right now. Seems almost like a red-flag. I may have an update soon on some research being done on active vs. inactive users. By the way, congratulations on your 5th Anniversary at HubPages.

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