Protect Your Family With A Security Camera System

In this day and age there is a need for extra security. It’s not enough to lock your doors at night and sleep soundly. It’s important to have a security camera system in place to protect your family and your cherished valuables. This is the reason my husband and I recently decided to install an outdoor security camera system.

When this journey started I was completely lost and I had many questions. Now that the process is over, I’m still not a pro, but I have a better sense of the basics. Now I will share what information I’ve learned over the past few weeks by answering some of the questions I had in the beginning about home camera security systems.

Camera Security Systems are popular because they can be played back to catch burglars in action.
Camera Security Systems are popular because they can be played back to catch burglars in action. | Source

What does a security camera system consist of?

A security camera system generally consists of a camera and monitor that is used to monitor your home or business. It can be as simple as a camera and monitor you watch yourself or a more complex system that uses several cameras and monitors with additional services, such as window and door alarms and professional 24 hour monitoring. All of the extras can be included for a monthly fee.

The cameras are set up strategically in various places indoors and outdoors, and record what is going on while you sleep or while you are at work or on vacation. There are also cameras that only turn on when their sensors detect movement. If you use a 24hr company to monitor your property, they will be alerted when movement is detected and then call the authorities.

What different types of security camera systems are there?

There are many different types of security camera systems on the market. Each one is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a guide to help you find the best one that fits both your needs and your budget.

Signs like this are frequently used at businesses to alert would be thieves that they are on camera.
Signs like this are frequently used at businesses to alert would be thieves that they are on camera. | Source

Fake Security Camera System

The cheapest and simplest type of "system" is using fake security cameras. These cameras are artificial. They look like the real thing and are somewhat decent at deterring burglars because no criminal wants to be caught on tape. Many of them come equipped with built-in LED lights that blink and cables, so they look authentic. This type of system is a cheaper alternative to buying an actual system.

Although they do a good job at deterring burglars and are cheaper than a real security camera system, you should still use this type of system in conjunction with a real camera system. If you get robbed and only have fake security cameras, you have no evidence to show the police.

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Covert Surveillance Security Cameras System

Another type of camera to mention is the covert surveillance camera also known as the “nanny cam.” These little guys have caught more babysitters doing terrible acts than any other type of camera. They are also great for making sure employees do their jobs and keep an eye on hired caretakers for elderly family members.

These cameras look like everyday objects such as teddy bears, boom boxes, and even knick-knack figurines. They can be wired or wireless and are a great help when trying to catch a bad babysitter or identify a thief.

If you find yourself needing one of these, search the internet to find the best price and the best quality. After buying your camera, be sure it is placed naturally and has a good view of the room. Also, if you opt for a wireless brand, make sure you place the receiver panel within the set distance allotted by the manufacturer.

Some security camera systems can be set up to show footage on your computer or smart phone. This comes in handy.
Some security camera systems can be set up to show footage on your computer or smart phone. This comes in handy. | Source

Wireless Security Camera System

The wireless security camera system has become very popular over the last few years. It’s easy to see why due to it being easy to install. Most systems can be installed by the owner instead of paying for professional installation.

Another advantage to wireless is it doesn’t have to stay in one place and can be moved as frequently as you’d like. If you decide you want to monitor the other side of your house, you can move it.

Many of the wireless camera security systems come with other bonuses such as timers for your motion senor lights. This is a great option if you travel for work a lot or plan to go on an extended family vacation. The timer will turn your outdoor lights on for you and give the appearance that someone is home.

Before buying a wireless system you should know a few things first. They generally use batteries. Some systems use disposable batteries and others use rechargeable batteries. With batteries you will need to check them occasionally to ensure they are still in operating order. This can be a real pain if you have mounted them up high away from burglars. These systems also have a bad reputation for interference from phones and other electronic devices so it’s best to keep them away from phone lines and electric wires.

Wired Surveillance Security Camera System

Although there have been many new technological advances in the home security camera system, wired systems are still considered the most reliable. The original of security camera systems, all of its cameras are connected by wire. This type of system is great for a permanent installation for locations that you would like to constantly monitor. If you use it outside your home, you could set it to monitor your front, side, and backyard. Because this system is hard wired into your electric supply, there’s no need to worry about charging or replacing batteries.

Although they are reliable, there are a few things to consider before investing in a wired system. Installation of wired security systems can be very troublesome if you do not have prior knowledge on how to hook up a security system. Some systems must be installed by a professional, which can sometimes be a bit pricey.

How much does a home security camera system cost?

Can you really put a price on your family’s safety when deciding on installing a home security system? With that question in mind you should know that the cost varies depending on several things.

First, determine the cost of your system by itself. A good quality security camera system can cost between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. I don’t see the point in buying a super expensive system unless you have a really large house or business that you need to monitor from all angles.

Next, determine who will be doing the installation. If you decide to install your system by yourself, you will be saving money, but some of the systems available are complex and may require a professional to do the installation. It’s better to have it done right the first time and not take the chance that something was hooked up wrong. Most professional companies will install the cameras, motion sensory lights, and a window alarms for around $300.00. Some installation companies have discounted or free installation if you buy your security camera system from them.

Finally, determine who will monitor the system. If you monitor your system by yourself then this is not an added expense. If you decide to go with a professional security company for 24hr monitoring, you will generally pay between $30.00 and $50.00 per month depending on which company you select.

Now that our system has been installed and is in working order, I sleep a lot better knowing that our family is safer from crummy thieves. I feel better about our safety and know that this is one of the best decisions we could have made. I hope that this article will help you on your journey to safety. Remember to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of security camera system when deciding what system is best suited for your family, home, or business.

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Security systems are always important in order to give you that safe feeling. Great Hub!

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