Solar Thermal Panels Types

Solar Thermal Panels Types

The solar panels are available in various sizes and types for any and all uses, from charging the AA batteries to the electrical power supply system for large homes.

You can purchase small and flexible solar panels designed to keep batteries charged (ideal for vehicles that will stay in the garage for several months). You can get domestic solar panels models ranging up to 120 watts, and you can add multiple panels to expand your system to the size you want. Of course, the most durable solar panels, most efficient and higher power output will be more expensive than the ones with less durability, but for applications in the long-term their initial cost will be compensated in the future.

Flexible Solar Thermal Panels

The flexible solar panels are limited to smaller sizes. They tend to be more expensive per watt calculated output and less durable in the long-term applications. The flexible solar panels, however, are extremely practical for intermittent use, when the solar panel needs to be stored and transported to other locations regularly.

Rigid Solar Thermal Panels

The rigid solar panels without structure also tend to be available primarily in smaller sizes. Are much lighter than the most common framed solar panels and very practical for portable applications. What the solar panels lose in convenience when compared with flexible solar panels, gain in cost and durability.

Solar Thermal Panels with Rigid Frame

The solar panels with rigid frame are the most common type of solar panel for the complete solar energy systems. They are the more durable type of solar panel, and are generally used in households with permanent or long lasting installations, caravans or marine power systems. The solar panels of large-frame may be a little more expensive but since they are guaranteed for 20-25 years, long durability and lower maintenance costs, it is worth it!

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

A solar cover is one of the new styles of photovoltaic units. For a great home system, the solar cover can mimic very well the common areas of roof or even the frames of metal roof. Probably the most pleasing cosmetic option for making a solar home system, these products are now beginning to be available on a widespread basis.

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