some network terminology

Network Terminologies


Being interested in wider views of Convergence NetworkI am interested in discussing some components of convergence technology as listed below:

Dial Back: This capability is the term use when a gateway or receiving device such as the modem challenges incoming signal with a prompt string. The receiver goes further to accepting the input signaling after identifying the caller ID, hang the call and call back to the number that associated to the caller identification. The calling back is what is known as Dial back. The device that is calling back might demand the same form of identification before communication is established. When the communication establishes then data is allowed to flow between the network parties.

VLAN means a virtual local area network. It is configured with Routers which are logically grouped into a broadcast domain. This is the earlier form of virtual private network. .VLAN had the ability to link groups of people, nodes or network domain at different geographical region thus creating a small workgroup from a large LAN. In recent times virtual private network is configured with the use of software program.

Network equipment used (PBX, IVR, ACD) and the handsets

PBX is a short form for Private Branch Exchange. The components of PBX are:

- PBX internal switching network and relays

- Central processing unit (CPU) and cache memories/RAM

- Modular cards: Logic, switching, control, power, and related PBX operational devices.

- Line sets, station or telephone sets.

- External Telco trunks that transport signal to and fro the PBX

- Switchboards and interconnecting wires.

- Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

- Housing units

Signal is delivered to the PBX from Telco and carried back to the distribution via Telco. The signal relay results from the switching control making connections to the appropriate route. The CPU processes call signal according to the interrupt request (IRQ). The switch board is the console and allows the operator to control incoming calls while the UPS ensures steady and stable power supply for uninterruptible services. The UPS includes sensors, power switches and batteries.

IVR is a short name for Interactive Voice Response. This communication feature is mainly software based. The main solution it provides is to build customer loyalty in providing faster responsive customer contact. It supports the human labor and it is operational at all times. The primary equipment is the computer, operating system and the IVR software. It also includes telephony board for interactive voice mail. Some of the benefits derive from IVR are

Complete 800# and Toll free inbound service, Analog phone answering systems Extending hours of operation (24 by 7) Automating routine tasks thereby freeing agents to concentrate on more complex service requests Speeding response times to callers Expanding call capacity faster and at a lower cost, Providing multi-lingual support , and Reducing the cost of call center agent turnover.

IVR applications include: Diverse Surveys, Order Entry & Credit Card Processing, Order Status, Voice Mail Inventory Confirmation Account Status, Recording Services Locator Services Voice, Broadcasting Call Routing, and Customer Service Literature Fulfillment Lead.

ACD means Automatic Call Distribution and is a device that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use. It is an integration of all customer contact channels with computer systems which include but not limited to voice, fax, email and the web. ACD is an integral part of PBX whose main function is to make a routing decision. As computer telephony integration, functions include but not limited to call information display automatic dialing phone control, coordinated phone and data transfer between two parties and call control for quality monitoring. CTI application event flow typical sequence is: set up, ring, answer, hang up and end.

Other events are: Hold, retrieve from hold, conference, and transfer, forward applications include agent logged in, agent available and not available, and agent ready and not ready.


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