Sony Bravia KDL42EX440 Review

Sony Bravia
Sony Bravia

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Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV

Sony is a company known for quality electronics, and they never fail to deliver what their customers expect. This model is one of their flag carriers for the Bravia product line, featuring a 1080p full HD picture quality combined with Sony’s pride, the MotionFlow XR120 technology, it will surely deliver the killer ‘wow’ factor to sweep their viewers off their feet!

Other Specifications

Aside from the features above, here are the basic KDL42EX440 specs:

- 38 x 3 x 23 inches dimensions

- 33 lbs weight

- 16:09 Image aspect ratio

- 2 HDMI input

- 1 USB input

Product Features

This Sony product has many full-blown features. The most important ones are enumerated below:

  • Full 1080p HD. This TV brings about full HD power. Perfect for viewing HD channels and Blu-ray movies. Just make sure you’ll be watching high definition shows to bring out this beasts’ full power.
  • MotionFlow XR120. This technology provides the motion enhancer needed for smoothing out movements shown in the screen. Quick movements and swift camera transitions appear less blur. Judder is reduced and high speed motion looks natural, like you’re really in there watching it personally.
  • Clear Resolution Enhancer. This product automatically applies corrective filters and enhances the screen picture the same way photoshop pros do it. What you get in your end? Prime quality shows.
  • Edge LED Backlight and Thin Design. This special design complements with any atmosphere you put the TV on. In the living room, in your bedroom, even in your home’s dining area. The led backlight gives a cinematic feel especially if you’re watching with the lights out – perfect for movie nights.
  • Digital Noise Reduction. Something blurry or somehow pixelated with your pictures? Don’t be afraid to show them off as this Bravia model will do the magic by itself. Correcting digital noise like blurs and grains automatically. This applies pictures and videos loaded from the USB and other external devices, like phones and tablets.

Sony Bravia KDL42EX440
Sony Bravia KDL42EX440

Why go for the Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV?

What’s so special about this HDTV? Well, listed below are some of the reasons this product is worth checking out!

1. First and foremost, quality. Through the years Sony has proven itself over and over, and their name should be by itself a guarantee.

2. It’s relatively cheap. Compared to other models and brands, this one puts the value for money its primary priority. It has the core features of a high-end HDTV but still maintains an affordable price compared to the high-end ones.

3. Easy customizable picture settings. If you’re looking for the perfect ambience for your show, then Sony made sure that you’ll do so with ease.

This product has many clear advantages, but like with other electronics purchases that you make, the most important thing is the actual need for it and the budget you are capable of spending. There are lots of HDTV in the market, but the Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV is really worth checking out.

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Nosgoth1979 4 years ago

That MotionFlow XR120 technology sounds awesome. I hate motion blur and I’d love to have a new set in my den that I could watch the UFC fights on without having to miss knockouts due to the refresh rate. Right now it’s just an old, muddy-pictured 480p set. But I’m getting one of DISH’s new Hopper whole-home DVR installed soon, and since it’ll send HD signals to every room, it seems like a waste to keep the SD TV sets around at all. A coworker at DISH recommended LG TVs, telling me that they’re very dependable. I’m just excited to finally be getting high definition in every room. Once we upgraded to HD in two of the rooms a while back and since then no one wants to watch TV anywhere else. The whole family got spoiled with the HD LOL. But once I have the Hopper and new TVs, I don’t think we’ll have any more arguments over what we watch.

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