Best Starcraft 2 Keyboard

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly for some, the gaming keyboard used by the best starcraft 2 players in the world actually aren't fancy keyboards but cheap $10-$20 keyboards with a substantial number of keys ripped out. For those with money to spend on a nice looking keyboard, there are plenty of Starcraft II themed keyboards out there made with fancy details and special functions in order to earn a few dozen bucks off your wallet. These days with sponsorships that is heavily funded by Razer, you see a lot more of the Razer Marauder in the korean live telecasted tournaments too.

Razer has rebooted their starcraft peripheral line with the heart of the swarm theme! Instead of the Wings of Liberty blue and metal colors, it is now a zergly purple. The recolor is available for the keyboard, mouse, banshee headset and their messenger bag.

Pro Gamer Linda Liao holding a Razer Marauder Starcraft Gaming Keyboard
Pro Gamer Linda Liao holding a Razer Marauder Starcraft Gaming Keyboard

Razer Marauder Keyboards

Renowned PC hardware maker Razer has secured the exclusive production rights to a $119 Razer Marauder Keyboard that is designed like a Terran device, and has lights that change colors according to your actions per minute at its side lights.

They have also gotten the endorsements of players such as SlayerS Boxer for their offerings, as well as Taiwan's Pro Gamer Linda Liao for the keyboard like Razer Marauder (as well as the Razer Banshee headset and Razer Spectre mouse)

[SlayerS Boxer also does endorsements in Korea for intel's line of iChips like i3 i5 i7 and so on, he's been doing quite well in the starcraft 2 GSLs too for a starcraft 1 old hand]

I guess the money saved from the low minimum system requirements of Starcraft 2 as well as the low recommended requirements that saves you from buying a new graphics card can be used for a pricey but fancy keyboard. Since it hasn't come out, it will take some time for reviews.

If you have no need for APM or if the price tag is simply too exorbitant you could also consider the cheaper razer keyboards, which also work well enough as a christmas gift.

The Korean Pro Gamer Fruitdealer has been known to recommend a minimum of 150 APM for people who want to be good at the game though!

Alternatively you could also get the just as fancy, but with different featured shiny keyboards from Razer. The Razer Lycosa is known for its programmable buttons and functions, and is also available in a mirrored version that just looks awesomely cool.

Razer's offerings are catered towards gamers so you know you are getting what you pay for!

Besides the keyboard and the mouse, in the GSL you can see a lot of the players using the Razer Banshee headset. You can see it go straight to red when players like Losira wears it. So does Linda, the player hailing from Taiwan.

Best Starcraft 2 Keyboard
Best Starcraft 2 Keyboard
Korean APM Demonstration from documentary on Korean ProGamers, note the Razer Keyboard, Razer Mouse and Razer Mousepad as he hits 250ish APM!
Korean APM Demonstration from documentary on Korean ProGamers, note the Razer Keyboard, Razer Mouse and Razer Mousepad as he hits 250ish APM! | Source

This is more of a themed keyboard rather than one with actual goals and objectives like the two above. If you already own a ZBoard then this might be your thing. Either of the above two are the keyboards gamers are more likely to bring into tournaments.

Steelseries has their own alternative gaming keyboards too, but that will cost you more. I've not tried it yet but Steel series is still quite a renown brand in gaming apparel.

Cheap Keyboards for Starcraft 2 Modifications

Korean Style Starcraft 2 Keyboard

If you're feeling hardcore and you have some spare keyboards lying around, or you intend to buy a cheap $10 keyboard to modify, then here's what you should look at. You should first check out Tasteless Pro Starcraft Keyboard Guide and follow the steps. In essence he guides you through what the korean pro gamers do in removing annoying keys that will interfere in your gameplay such as the windows button on the bottom left. He then reviews through the steps to take to improve the keyboard. After taking a screwdriver and basically clearing half the keyboard, you will have something familiar to what you see in Korean tournaments that airs over your TV. BUT watch out, his guide has yet to be updated to Starcraft 2, so you should wait a while. Meanwhile you can get familiarized with your $10-$20 before you "upgrade" it to a professional calibre. (Take note though that the link was used for the old Starcraft and the new Starcraft 2 has some different hot keys, so you would need to wait for Tasteless to update the new custom set!)

Tasteless is of course a well regarded American Protoss player for the first starcraft and a popular game commentator. His brother is also the well known Day 9. He has also casted for Gom TV in Korea and has a site in so when he introduces a keyboard he certainly knows what he is doing with the starcraft modified keyboard used for professional play in Korea.

If you mainly want a mechanical keyboard, you would be glad to know that Razer produces un-themed mechanical keys keyboard at a cheaper price too!

Best Starcraft Mouse

If you've obtained a keyboard then you may consider whether to get a starcraft gaming mouse. The razer version also features the unique APM lighting system which makes it a contender for the best starcraft 2 setup beside your keyboard.

The mouse pad looks to be a good deal for 10 odd dollars for a swanky look on a gaming mousepad (being produced by steel series). If you're not willing to fork out that much for a starcraft ii keyboard or starcraft ii mouse, a starcraft ii mousepad fits nicely into an affordable price range.

A steelseries mouse is also a strong contender, although its looks are a personal preference. They are hardier and last longer (and better) than a razer, for the same (some may argue even better better) performance.

It's not such a good thing to wait for a used starcraft 2 copy, unless its from a good friend since the cdkey on the game will be burnt to make a battle net account, and there is only one in each box. If you buy a used game, you practically won't be able to play the best part of the game at all. Currently Blizzard has pretty much lowered the once initially steep price tag of starcraft 2 to something that is much more bearable below $50.

In Korea, if they already play world of warcraft they get to play starcraft 2 free along with their subscription!

Looking for the game? Get it from Amazon

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chaladar profile image

chaladar 6 years ago

For anyone thinking about buying this keyboard I just wanted to say that its awesome! Great form and lights up for playing in low light. Exactly what I've been looking for playing in the dark. Plus I'm a total starcraft addict so this works out great. Also, feel free to checkout my starcraft 2 guides webpage at


save my system profile image

save my system 6 years ago from United Kingdom - London

Reason for getting keyboard defected is mainly due to spring gets compressed and breaks. Starcraft 2 keyboard have flexible springs which can sustain high tension.

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

Razer has a good track record of churning out novel and well featured keyboards, thanks for all the comments!

Cy V profile image

Cy V 6 years ago

Excellent! I'll have to get one of these when I break down and get Starcraft II.

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

Haha, it'll take a while before they get easily obtained, so you can hold out for a bit more! 6 years ago from bear, de, 19701

Great! any discount?

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

Unlikely I guess, they are all rather new

KitchenWorktopMan profile image

KitchenWorktopMan 6 years ago from Birmingham

That is one sexy keyboard :)

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

Yeah man, agree with you totally!

KitchenWorktopMan profile image

KitchenWorktopMan 6 years ago from Birmingham

My current one is a £10.99 from here in the UK. I could do with something that you can assign ahk scripts to.. although I'm not sure if that's classed as cheating in the sc2 world :)

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

Haha, depends on whether you join tournaments I guess!

Laptop for Starcraft 2 6 years ago

If you're looking for a budget gaming laptop under $1,000 for Starcraft II, please visit

Vincent 6 years ago

That keyboard will be very useful.If you are looking for new strategies go where are also explained.Good luck!

sagemore profile image

sagemore 6 years ago

COOL?ANY discount?

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

You could try amazon and see if they have their seasonal discounts! Christmas bundles may make it cheaper!

DavidLivingston 6 years ago

It's good to have read this. Thanks! 6 years ago from bear, de, 19701

Thanks it is very good to be seen that it is coming with a normal price and i like it so much ill definitely buy a new one,so thank you so much for your valuable information about the star craft keyboard.

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

No Problem! Christmas is one of the best time to get goodies!

Monarch.Starcrack profile image

Monarch.Starcrack 6 years ago from Florida

"Professional" keyboards don't have to be expensive as the Razor model. Most of the best players in Korea use very inexpensive, non-name brand keyboards.

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 6 years ago Author

I agree, I've mentioned that above and have covered it in more detail in one of my korean focused hubs!

That said, Razer keyboards sure look cool

Top 200 6 years ago

Do not buy the starcraft 2 keyboard. All you are doing is paying for the starcraft 2 logo. If you want to get a good keyboard, buy the razer blackwidow ultimate, g15, or if u have 200$, the G19(one of the best keyboards ever made).

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 5 years ago Author

I personally prefer the mechanical keyboards myself, but I guess some people like the starcraft theme and lights

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