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Tablet computers were main attraction on CES 2011. They are making their way in our lives with huge steps. But what is important to know about these new electronic gadgets? Read about tablet PC comparison 2011 and find out what are things they have in common and what are differences among them?


Comparison of different tablet design
Comparison of different tablet design

Tablet comparison

In early days of tablet pc computers a tablet pc was a synonym for touch screen enabled computers. If this was a criterion, various forms of computers could claim the title of being tablets. Namely there are notebook and netbook computers, which have touch screen displays. There is minor market of specialized rugged tablets that are suitable for outdoor work. These field tablets have long history and are not only trendy gadgets. There is a minor fork of booklet tablets that have dual display. Recent models of tablet pcs can also include some kind of keyboard. Asus launched quite interesting models with slide keyboards.

Apple iPad tablet PC
Apple iPad tablet PC

Tablet form

Majority of today tablet computers have a tablet form. This is a prevailing design among tablet computers. The first one that made this type of form popular was Apple with its iPad. All mayor computer manufacturers followed his example. There are also dedicated tablet pc manufacturers like Archos that specialized in production of tablet pc computers only.


Android tablet pc OS
Android tablet pc OS

Operating system comparison

Tablet comparison 2012 shows, that on majority of tablet pc computers, Android or Windows OS is installed. Currently, Android 3.o Honeycomb version and Windows 7 edition of operating systems are used on recently launched tablets. Android operating system, used in tablet pcs is upgraded from their phone platform, while Windows 7 OS edition comes from Microsoft latest OS version found also on laptops and desktops.

Apple iPad manufacturer
Apple iPad manufacturer

Different manufacturers

Lately it seems everybody wants to have tablet computer in its offer. There are a lot of only announced models which can be only seen on showcases. Main share on market has Apple with its iPad tablet. Samsung follows with its Galaxy tab. These two models were launched in early in 2010 and they maintain advantage over their competitors in 2011. Recently big players like HP, BlackBerry and Asus are entering market with some very powerful and advanced models.

Prices of tablet computers
Prices of tablet computers

Tablet PC prices

Tablet pc prices range from as low as 200 US$ and rises above 1000 US$ for the top model tablets. Main differences between cheap and expensive tablet pc computers are display size, video reproduction capabilities, overall performance and integrated features. Cheap tablets have usually 7 inch display, are lacking applications and connectivity options like Ethernet or USB and are made of cheap plastic. On the other hand, top models include all possible networking protocols, have rear and back web cameras, excellent video reproduction possibilities, are in general feature rich and made of quality and durable materials.

Final word

As tablet comparison shows, this products are making pretty much their first steps. Since so many models are to be launched this year, it would be wise to wait with your decision whether to buy and which tablet pc to buy. At least until second generation of tablets is out.


Preseren 5 years ago

I have na iPad, I love it and I wont change it for anything else!

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svarun 5 years ago from Kranj

Nice comparision. Thank you :-)

valuk 5 years ago

Great comparison. I found it very useful.

cheap used computers 5 years ago

As you are capable to see from the video, the interface isn’t pretty snappy and its touch controls aren’t constantly quick to respond. That is maybe the major drawback to the tablet.

Georgia 2 years ago

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