The String of Managers

The String of Managers

The Hub Pages Managers in a string fashion sit on the page of the Hub as idols of the pagan sat on the heights to be looked at and praised from below and they never replied. Same is the case with the Hub Managers; they never entertain any email, never lend their ears to listen to anyone’s grievance, and never open their mouth to speak to anyone. They only send intricate pages of messages, complicated up to the hilt to register yourself for getting a payment that you do not get. The idols of stones in Arabia were fed by the worshippers and we the Hubbers feed the managers. The pagans, worshipping their idols got nothing and we the Hubbers get nothing from the managers.

I and my son have been trying to fill the forms, filled it several times but have made no headway. Can’t even catch the tails of the managers they are so high. The complicated entry forms of the hub to open an account has been purposely made complicated, the system refuses each time to recognise you, though I have now six hubs and all are running high. I am not an IT expert to get myself registered and get payments from the managers.

My hub appears to have been accepted as good and beautiful and great but I am not paid even a 1/2 % though the mangers say they will pay me 60% and I am with them for over four weeks. What is this?

The Hadees of the Greatest of all the Prophets, God sent to men, Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW is that ‘pay the labourer before his perspiration is dry’.But the international business rules don’t seem to touch our managers. When will they pay?

God was the greatest of the Managers. His priority near Him after Tauheed – His acceptance as One and the only One God, was Adl – the justice. Whereby  the transaction in the world was based on justice and all dealings and systems were based on justice and that was why the Shias following the God’s Shariat – the Law, put Adl as the second fundamental of their faith after the Tauheed and that’s why they were the highest in procuring Adl to the society and the world.

And God would like all the managers, no matter how big and no matter how small, devise their system based on Adl so that justice is served through the system immediate. The remuneration to the labourer on the exchange of the commodity of his labour is to be made at the earliest. The receipt of the payment no matter how small is a source of pleasure and the measure of his success. Let the manager rise to give the sense of achievement to his worker by devising a system of prompt payment.      


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


April 15, 2010



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