The 9 Free Things Every Site (or Lens!) Should Do

Everyone online wants to be noticed

Rule #1: If you have a site or Squidoo lens, you want more traffic.

Rule #2: You don't have enough money to buy as much traffic as you need.

Rule #3: You've already made your site/lens as compelling as you know how to.

So, what now? Read on for the (free) details. 

1. Think hard about what you write and do - The number one tactic of SEO and traffic generation is to be remarkable

Are you writing me-too stuff? Is your product or service just like the rest?

The secret is simple: don't work harder at yelling. Work harder at having something to say.

The secret shortcut of online promotion that there is no secret shortcut. Step by step, bit by bit, link by link, you build something important and powerful.

Hurry, but don't rush.

2. Find sites that make it easy to share your taste - Digg is a site that lets the mob find the good stuff

Not only is contributing to the community a good idea, but it pays off in traffic back to your best stuff. (Watch out! If your stuff isn't good, it will get buried).

Bonus #2a: Start an argument

It turns out that arguments and debates and comments are a great way to get people coming back.

Do you need connections to succeed online?

Yes! It matters who you know.

MorganJF12 2 years ago

I'm new to this so....if you want to learn html in a decent amount of time, follow that link! Thanks for reading :)

ameycoleman 2 years ago from Missouri

ameycoleman 2 years ago from Missouri

gorio1982 2 years ago



gorio1982 2 years ago



sakshibali 2 years ago

Yes, connection matters a lot. No matter how talented you are, no matter how much efforts you have put in the article, you need connections to succeed. One more important thing that you need to succeed is money. Even in real life you cannot survive in this disillusioned world without money and connections.

jackmaster10 2 years ago

I will give you a great connection right now check out this page

jackmaster10 2 years ago

I will give you a great connection right now check out this page

solarsammy 2 years ago

Having connections is the easy way up the Squidoo ladder, but of course this can't be done fully without unique content.

jenjelly 2 years ago

Connections certainly make it a lot easier.

malasia 2 years ago

yes, the more people you know the more views and comment you will receive.

malasia 2 years ago

yes, the more people you know the more views and comment you will receive.


I believe it is who you know that matters..In school sports, work environment, pretty much anything..its who you know..its all politically geared...

Felicitas 2 years ago

Yes. I'd definitely say it matters who you know. But, once that door is opened, you have to respect your visitors and give them more than they expect.

hjohn1024 2 years ago

Yes I think everyone needs connections to succeed online. Connections will make you better known. The people who seem to know everyone will talk about you, and others will get to know you as well. it is difficult to find your way without online connections...

hjohn1024 2 years ago

Yes I think everyone needs connections to succeed online. Connections will make you better known. The people who seem to know everyone will talk about you, and others will get to know you as well. it is difficult to find your way without online connections...

Mick Beet 2 years ago from Australia


kissmiss 2 years ago


mjogiyal 2 years ago


blakeford11 2 years ago

You need someone good at internet marketing

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    No! Great content and hard work are the secret.

    oasisbinloc 2 years ago

    If you want to get something up and running quickly connections are quick and solid ways of doing that, but ultimately your content will have the final say. If you have great content but no connections people will find it and it will grow. If you have connections and poor content, people will make sure not to come back again.

    oasisbinloc 2 years ago

    If you want to get something up and running quickly connections are quick and solid ways of doing that, but ultimately your content will have the final say. If you have great content but no connections people will find it and it will grow. If you have connections and poor content, people will make sure not to come back again.

    glowgirlglow 2 years ago

    Hard work is the secret;but having connections dosnt hurt either.

    hawkstar 2 years ago

    Great content and hard work are the secret.

    mannyg35 2 years ago

    No. It really matters on an individuals work and moral ethics on how badly they want to succeed.

    mannyg35 2 years ago

    What's your position on minimum wages?

    miriamyentraccm 2 years ago from Montclair, CA. 91763

    No, but you have to be very resourceful to make sure your content is factual. Having connections, however, can't hurt, but good old hard work does pay off.

    tribesearcher 2 years ago

    Most people say we have three kinds of people; people moving around in the Zombiezone, people moving around in the Comfortzone, people moving around in the Hyperzone. I say; every human being is awesome, you only have to become the real version of yourself. What do you think?

    ashishr19 2 years ago

    Obviously unique content and attractive organizing style will help a particular lens gain more traffic. Just by knowing some people will not help in growing the page visitor or Lens visitor circle. Check out my lens about why one should visit Paris at

    figgz14 2 years ago

    be realistic and original..

    figgz14 2 years ago

    be realistic and original..

    gytass 2 years ago

    everyone can do it, check mine out

    roja10 2 years ago

    Of course a great content is what you need to succeed. Without a good content how is it possible to get noticed by people other than a few of whom you know?

    PSPACC 2 years ago

    I'd say great content matter but its all down to links links and more links!

    Jodimo 2 years ago

    Imagine that you were a famous Twitter user, tweeting your heart out. You post your link to the Interweb and say "Hey everyone, look at this!" Sure, you'll get may get many views on the page, but no one will buy the product if it's worth no more than the tweet you sent. Working hard will get you what you want, having an interesting and exciting idea will get you what you want, and working hard will get you what you want. If you believe that your creation, your product, your page, anything is worth anything, it is, whether you get the benjamins or the self value.

    LadyGeisha 3 years ago

    You need to maintain a constant online presence across various social media platforms as well as aggregate compelling content in order to succeed. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to update all the sites -- you get out of it what you put in!

    idoo4traffic 3 years ago

    To give up easily in any endeavor is to accept cheap defeat! This lens business is not different. Provided it does not cost us too much in terms of money, time and other resources,we must continue to work hard, pray and hope. Someday, somehow, things are likely to turn out for the better. We should keep in mind the expression "If you try but do not succeed, try, try, try again". That was what Abraham Lincoln did and finally became the US president after failing the umpteenth time.

    anonymous 3 years ago

    I'm new on Squidoo. I think that we need connections but great content and hard work perhaps will have better results.

    QuanDuo 3 years ago

    Connections may give a short term, superficial advantage, but after a while this advantage will run its course, and without a truly original, self-sustaining content, others will not take the initiative to reach towards you.

    Madelight75 3 years ago

    Connections are integral to success, but even more integral is determination. Determination will cause you to be noticed and once you are noticed connections begin to follow after you.

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      3. Build ANOTHER Squidoo lens - Every blog, every organization needs one

      A lens (you're reading one) is an organized directory that makes it easy for people to find your good stuff. It's free and you should have one... it will bring you credibility and traffic.

      Already have a lens? Make another, and link 'em together. Up your discoverability factor.

      4. Get your team, or customers, or friends to spread the word - It's not a top down world any more, folks

      It only takes a dozen or two people to post something to StumbleUpon, or Delicious, or other social news and bookmarking sites to get a lot of attention to your work. Stop worrying about getting listed in the New York Times and start talking to your friends instead.

      5. Issue a press release - But only if you have something to say

      Press releases aren't just for reporters. News readers (like Google News) read the press releases for the good stuff. So if you've got stuff, issue it as press release.

      6. Get a sister site for testing - When the IT folks complain too much

      Most big organizations have a 'frozen' site. No testing, no little experiments, no landing pages. You don't have to fight them. Just get some low-cost or free hosting and experiment with some pages that come BEFORE your firewall.

      7. Google Analytics - You won't know what's working unless you measure

      If you've got a lens, don't worry about this part. Squidoo handles it for you! Just check your stats page for daily info.

      8. Don't be boring - If it's so obvious, why are you ignoring it

      Every single one of the hundreds of millions of web surfers has billions of choices. And they're not choosing you. Why? Well it could be that they don't know about you. But it's way more likely that they don't care.

      9. Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube

      It's kind of unfair to put all these together, because they each deserve their own writeup.

      What hot community are you already part of? Are you on Facebook, Twittering with your friends, getting Adds on MySpace, or swapping pics on Flickr? Link back to your favorite sites and lenses from those profiles. Link hither and yon and back again, and you'll generate your own little traffic economy. Nice.

      What's the unsung tip? - Tell readers of this lens which technique is the one they shouldn't skip

      Which technique is the easiest to ignore (but the most important to do!?)

      See results without voting

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      What's tip #10? - Add your own idea here. 3110 comments

      frisco3 10 years ago

      Thanks Seth. I just added Google Analytics because of this post.

      tfragala 10 years ago

      Open the lines of communication. Make it easy for visitors to keep in touch. Offer a free newsletter, point to your blog, offer something to read, display a poll.

      Tom Fragala

      jeff_cram 10 years ago

      Add a Google Site Map. It's free, makes it easier for Google to index your content and gives you valuable information on what search querries are driving traffic to your site.

      sheywood profile image

      sheywood 10 years ago

      Great lens--Just Dugg it! My #10 is links. Relevant participation on blogs and sites like Squidoo; regular, consistent publishing to sites like De.lic.ious and Digg (that also power targeted content feeds to keep multiple sites fresh) and linking from reviews on Yahoo! Amazon and eBay drive traffic.

      douglaskarr 10 years ago

      Jeff is on track. Optimizing your web for Analytics engines is important. Meta tags for keywords and descriptions, robots.txt file for Analytics crawlers, pings for Google, as well as a sitemap will help considerably. Posting isn't enough... you have to supply the map for how to get there!

      stephkiss 10 years ago

      Good tips. My addition would be to keep your site up to date - every day if you can. Nothing worse than a site that was last updated during the Clinton administration.

      mikecartmel 10 years ago

      Nice lens Seth. You might want to update the technorati link and lose the ping!

      Mt tip would be to use a free newsreader like Bloglines and subscribe to as many blogs on SEO and marketing as you can.

      patinkc profile image

      patinkc 10 years ago from Midwest

      My number 10 is make your webpages visually appealing.

      bonus-hunter 10 years ago

      COMMENT a lot and offer free stuff and freebies ;-) People love that. Analytics, social networking and bookmarking is also important.

      beta3609 10 years ago

      Add email subscriptions to your blog, lens or RSS feed (e.g. FeedBlitz), pushing your content to the 85% of readers who don't get RSS and whom you want to keep reaching (right? right!); plus it helps build a stronger online relationship with them. Remember those who are not on the bleeding edge.

      SusannaDuffy profile image

      SusannaDuffy 10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I follow the trail of the purple cow

      worksmarts 10 years ago

      Make your Squidoo Lens an item in your Plaxo signature - that way every email is an advertising opportunity. And thanks for the Google Analytics tip - put that in place yesterday.

      Room214 10 years ago

      Set up a syndicating press room, customized to the look and feel of your site. Unfortunately only about 10% of a website's content gets updated regularly, and those updates are typically press/news room items. So set your news room up on a blog platform and syndicate those updates through RSS.

      rpederse 10 years ago

      Check your darn e-mail

      If your website has a general inquiries e-mail address, CHECK IT, for crying out loud. Obsessively. And then respond.

      lesleyprice 10 years ago

      Hey thanks for this lense, I just started my very first site and will defintely use a few of thse examples. Will check back soon to see what you have to say.

      digilee 10 years ago

      hhhmmm ... analytics!!

      Too much time wasted in there!

      jimbursch 10 years ago

      Here's number 10: Go to, generate your own mindshare revenue, and place your own paying ad using your generated revenue. Easy!

      smithville 10 years ago


      Thanks for the tips. Just getting started with Squidoo and Blogging. I am what you would consider "old school web". I have been creating website for over seven years. However, keeping up with web 2.0, youtube, social bookmarking, and on and on is getting tough.

      gp1628 10 years ago

      Open a CafePress shop. Even if its just the free one. Create items that match your theme, or offer others works, or ask your visitors to come up with designs. Every site should offer a merchandise shop when its this free and easy. Maybe avoid having to go to clickers and banners to pay for site.

      Nate_Constant 10 years ago

      Thereâs a site out there called that helps promote your digg articles if youâre looking to generate more traffic from digg. Itâs main purpose is to help businesses who use to promote themselves.

      bwelford 10 years ago

      Well it's really an extension of that Don't Be Boring rule, but it's so important that it deserves to be out there by itself. Make sure your title is explanatory and so enticing that you just have to open the item. The title is as important as the content.

      ftg 10 years ago

      Love your short

      RepMachine 10 years ago

      Thanks for the great Squidoo. I think the golden rule from above is Don't Be Boring.

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Thanks Seth. Have been frustrated with Google not showing my work on relevant searches even though I have the best site out there for my niche - Portrait Cameo jewelry all because I do not have tons of backlinks.

      Hoping that Squidoo and other new stuff like Flickr etc will help people like myself

      IvanCDG profile image

      IvanCDG 10 years ago

      I have recently discovered Wikipedia as an excellent resource. There are creative ways to get your business on there, and it can lend credibility. Might not help everybody, but I'm sure it'll help a few people a LOT. Editing Wikipedia is MUCH easier than I thought. Check it out.

      GethsemeneRose 10 years ago

      If you are a CafePress Site (wich a lot of people on Squidoo are) then Go to TShirtPixels and get your FREE ad.

      bonus-hunter 10 years ago

      Never had an idea how you add google analytics to a lens. Is that possible at all? Can somebody please tell me who to do this. Cheers!

      Ladymaggic LM profile image

      Ladymaggic LM 10 years ago

      Thanks for a great squidoo. You have some great pointers. I found adding my sites to the free search engines as often as I updated gave me extra by the time they caught up with me, the next entry was there...

      tnakagawa 10 years ago

      Thanks Seth. I would also include adding links to your LinkedIn profile. It works especially well if you do any type of consulting work.



      anonymous 10 years ago

      become a deliciouso too!

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Write Articles. Articles are great for getting traffic. Especially if they are posted on the right sites or in ezines.

      John_Guanzon 10 years ago

      Have patience. Something daring, interesting, useful, provocative, free, compelling, emotional or urgent will not just come to you overnight.

      mjesales 10 years ago

      I vote for make profiles and do a lot of social bookmarking or make profiles at various sites like etc. Posting on forums related to your topic - with useful info... is also helpful.

      texasshutterbug 10 years ago

      You have some good solid advice. Thanks

      cflick 9 years ago

      Lots of great info here, I've started to use Technorati a while back and am learning more about Tagging as well as Social Bookmarking

      taxattorney 9 years ago

      Amazing Lens!

      You can get good backlinks and traffic from myspace and icq groups. Only post in relevant groups with good comment. Your signature block should contain a link to your site.

      David Jacquot | Tax Attorney

      Birdiejaworski 9 years ago

      My number 10: Fall in deep, deep love with your topic, your site, your business. It isn't enough to simply be decent at what you do. It isn't even enough to simply be the BEST at what you do. You gotta love it with as much passion as you have for any lover.

      qoody 9 years ago

      For the 10th tip I would add Keep you site updated!

      DreamingBoomer profile image

      DreamingBoomer 9 years ago from Jackson, MS

      Talk it up in forums. Your signature contains the link, and your voice is your authority on the topic. Takes a lot of time, but can also be fun. Great way to learn more about your subject of interest in the process, not to mention network with like minded souls!

      Thanks Seth!


      anonymous 9 years ago

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      wealthyaffiliate 9 years ago

      Learn how to keep visitors on your site longer and bring them back again. Hint: Add videos or podcast

      Working_From_Home 9 years ago

      Hi There, Thanks for this Lens, very helpful!

      My Suggestion for getting traffic to a website is to regularly update and add new content to your site, as this keeps your customers coming back to see what's new. :) Lisa

      gods_grace_notes 9 years ago

      Hello, Seth! Thanks for sharing...I've already discovered some of these ideas, and am flying off to try out the rest! As for me, I build, blog, babble effusively about the things I care about, rate lenses, sign guest books; Oh, yes...volunteering to be a Squid Angel works wonders! : )

      maxieray 9 years ago


      I really like this lens.

      So much info.I gave you 5 stars.

      I will bookmark and come back later to read more.

      Thanks again


      RebeccaB 9 years ago

      great info, many thanks for your knowledge

      charlesfuchs 9 years ago

      Great Marketing Information! 5 stars :-) My lenses include; Profitable Home Based Business and Best Work at Home Business. Check it out and rate it for me! Charles :-)

      foodlover 9 years ago

      Some really helpful tips here, thanks for taking the time to do this.

      Sweeppicker 9 years ago

      Seth is the greatest. Thanks for the tips.

      I'm building a lens showcasing Las Vegas wedding videography. Check it out and rate it for me! Mark :)

      WVaTumbleweed 9 years ago

      Thanks Seth!!

      Come check out my site to learn how to buy Vintage shoes online - that will fit perfectly every time!

      Great Info - never heard of the purple cow until now. However it was neat looking at it all!

      Carolyn - WVaTumbleweed

      Kelpie 9 years ago

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      abl1 9 years ago

      Hey Seth, I just checked your bio

      abl1 9 years ago

      Squidoo didn't like the rest of my comment, which was that I received your email about The Dig, so email lists are great traffic builders! Check out mine on Squidoo!

      muddy 9 years ago

      Tip no.10--- Use long-tail keywords.


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      Learn Poker

      IMgeek 9 years ago

      Awesome tips and a great display of how you used these tips yourself.

      Bill Barton Msc 9 years ago

      A great lens. I love Squidoo. Thanks Seth.


      steve chaballa profile image

      steve chaballa 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. Everyone here is very helpful! - Dusty from porn reviews

      Smiley 9 years ago

      Hi Seth, Thanks for your Squidoo community! Update frequency is a must for everything you do online whether it's blogging, writing articles or updating profiles. Gone is the day of the static website new and fresh is what it's all about online today.

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Thanks for pointing out some interesting sites I have not heard of before. I just joined twitter... so let's how it can help increasing traffic to my lenses!

      vitar profile image

      vitar 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips Seth!

      My tip No.10 - Make a quality lens every day.

      Everyone's invited to stop by and check out my lens aboutWedding Speeches and Toasts!

      Arizona-Snow profile image

      Arizona-Snow 9 years ago

      Some nice tips here - I'm going to utilize some of them to get extra PR for my website, Knoll House Interforum.

      helpbyl 9 years ago

      Thanks. very useful info!

      helpbyl 9 years ago

      Thanks. very useful info!

      Mr_Bucks4Banners 9 years ago

      Great tips and I love the new Squidoo stats showing keywords! Check out and help rate my Bucks4Banners ~ Make £500 Monthly With Your Sites/Blogs lens here. Thank you for reading my blurb!

      aka-rms profile image

      aka-rms 9 years ago from USA

      REally great tips. Thank you! I'd add that you talk about your lens in any forums you visit.

      my_little_pebbles_gift_shoppe 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I am always looking for new ones to bring traffic to my store. I found a couple i had not heard of. Great lens!

      treydelta 9 years ago

      great stuff, thanks.

      compleatdad profile image

      compleatdad 9 years ago

      Well, I knew that Seth.

      But I forgot a lot of it. Thanks for reminding me.

      Here is one of many: Midwives: the extermination has


      anonymous 9 years ago

      Wow. Great tips to promote my lens eBay Selling 101 â A Powerful Internet Marketing Platform. Thanks, Seth!

      njoroge27 9 years ago

      Another cool way is to get listed in directory.It takes time but when your site is included its worth the effort.

      steveT 9 years ago

      Hi Seth, came across this lens from my Dashboard. Excellent practical tips. thanks steve from male sexual health.

      digitalraves 9 years ago

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      brlau 9 years ago

      I recommend using Axandra Search Engine Submission Software. This is a secret weapon for increasing traffic to your lens!

      PotPieGirl 9 years ago

      Great lens, Seth! Thanks for the information.

      My Tip #10 - Onlywire.

      ronpass lm profile image

      ronpass lm 9 years ago

      Create an e-book (free or paid) about Squidoo or your theme. Link your blog in via an RSS module. Heaps of other strategies here:

      Squidoo Marketing Strategies

      KarenC LM profile image

      KarenC LM 9 years ago

      Thanks for the info.

      I'm fairly new and need all the help I can get. Please check out my sites if you don't mind.

      Please tell me how to get my links in here where they click.


      Homunculus profile image

      Homunculus 9 years ago

      So you are this amazing Seth guy! Thanks for opening my eyes with your booklet "Everyone's an Expert." I'm a newbie to this, but I love it.

      My suggestion? Post a puzzle. Drive's 'em nuts!

      - Brian at The Math Mojo Chronicles

      Roger Anderson 9 years ago

      I don't think you can register with Technorati - Lenses are not blogs. There are not permalinks to individual posts and so on. That is from their rules.

      "Technorati does not support claiming a static webpage."

      ChristopherScot1 profile image

      ChristopherScot1 9 years ago

      Posting comments on other lenses seems to be the most productive way to get traffic to your lens! Just like I am doing right now! :-)

      gamesavvy 9 years ago

      Great Lens , 5 Star Rated. Excellent tips, Thanks. From Psp Blender Guy.

      brookehudson 9 years ago

      Bravo! This lens is awesome, Seth. Thank you for the tips and resources. 5 stars indeed.

      CollectorsCottage profile image

      CollectorsCottage 9 years ago

      I always learn a lot from you Seth! Thanks for this great lens.

      jack01 9 years ago

      The Best Lens in Squidoo. Love it..Inspire me a lot. Thanks. From cheap music downloads Savvy.

      daoine lm profile image

      daoine lm 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for outlining the options so clearly and succinctly. All this stuff about Digg and Technorati had me so confused - I couldn't tell which was worth trying and which wasn't. Now I'm just going to give each a go and see what happens :-)

      PerfectWealth 9 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      Clearly some great tips there. Joining communities with high traffic surely helps to put your name out there.

      tudders123 9 years ago

      Great tips... I clearly have a lot to learn. I've just started my first lens so thanks for giving me lots to think about guys.

      fefe42 profile image

      fefe42 9 years ago

      If only I would not make so many Squidoo lenses and focus on one and make it great. Squidoo is quite addicting (in a good way.) I just started reading the Purple Cow and am loving it.

      globalinternetmall 9 years ago

      Thanks! Great Lens! I am going to start using the techniques you have given. I just started my lense 3 days ago, so I will have to see what happens! Great Work!

      Jezzzz 9 years ago

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      FundraisingGreen 9 years ago

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      Janusz LM profile image

      Janusz LM 9 years ago

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      WiiDude 9 years ago

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      seekgod7 9 years ago

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      bturner 9 years ago

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      Kmre68 profile image

      Kmre68 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, they will help me out.

      get_healthy 9 years ago

      This is awesometastic! Great information!

      Thank you!


      Sergeantrom LM profile image

      Sergeantrom LM 9 years ago

      Hello room. My name is Rom and I am a Squidoo addict. : ) I love your ideas Seth and will start putting them to use asap. Here is another addiction of mine, take care! Cheaters TV show

      muddy 9 years ago

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      JonathanD 9 years ago

      Great lens, thanks for the info.

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      karukera 9 years ago

      well done seth, terrific job!

      I'll try to implement that with my lens as well

      keep up the good work!

      RedRidingHood 9 years ago

      Question: If you have more then one lens aren't they automatically linked together or do you need to do something more?

      ABHIMANYU SINGH1 profile image

      ABHIMANYU SINGH1 9 years ago

      hi seth,

      In India Business man is known as 'seth'so u r already seth and your lastname is godin means god sit'in, so your full name is 'God sitting in businessman'and that's you.

      Well,all your informations are valuable,I used few of them on very second day,and you see results,I'm on top of 1st page

      Jennifer-Sams 9 years ago

      Seth. Thanks very much for the great tips. I have just started to build my lens in Squidoo so found the information very helpful. I will refer to this lens often. Best wishes

      klapskie 9 years ago

      great lens! 5 stars from me. looking forward to see you again. :)

      Cliff88 9 years ago

      Great job on this lens lot's of info Thanks

      theory test 9 years ago


      great lense..

      very helpful ...


      MCStylin 9 years ago

      I'd say along with step 10 to use any other service or site you are on (your website, your blogger blog, etc ) to put links to your Squidoo pages as well..Any way to get more traffic helps!

      daryllorette 9 years ago

      Nice read!Thanks!

      SalesPractice LM profile image

      SalesPractice LM 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips and resources.

      SouthernKarma 9 years ago

      Hi! You really are the Squidoo Guru! I'm trying to absorb everything that you are teaching in hopes of having my lense make it to the top 100! Thanks!!

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      Ray Holt 9 years ago

      Good Stuff. Can't wait to add some of this to my lenses. Thanks. Ray

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      I've sent broadcast emails to my ezine subscribers

      tell them how a fun lens on Squidoo can boost their


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      Well done Seth, your lens is great. My number 10 tip would be to create an account with netscape and post something related to your has a very VERY high PR!!

      Anyway I'm gonna try to implement all these precious tips with my lens

      Thank you all;-)

      Tim-Hollis 9 years ago

      Great lens. Lot's of help. Here's a tip. Put your lens referral link on your page. See mine in the intro.



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      judithmurphy 9 years ago

      All sounds good to me!

      -Graham- 9 years ago

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      I love this lens. Great stuff. My #1 would be to submit an article to do a lot of article marketing and this site is hands down the best. You can put a link in your Author Bio that links to your lens.

      Jock 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I'm new to all this Squidoo stuff, but I do write articles so maybe I'll start there. Meantime, I'll practice some Positive thinking

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      Great Tips. I will definitely try them to increase traffic to my newly created blog.

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      I love getting advice from you Seth. Great lense and a great Squidoo site.

      One of several lenses of mine is My Chemical Romance. Love that group. July 23 is MCR Day!

      luboff 9 years ago

      Try not to be too commercial, its just boring! Lighten up, let the juices flow!

      ey_jay 9 years ago

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      jgary lm profile image

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      Digg - limited topics for submission. Good for tech articles.

      StumbleOn - works great for me. Cheap PPC, too!

      Technorati - need good keyword(s).

      It's funny no MySpace listed.

      ChristopherScot1 profile image

      ChristopherScot1 9 years ago

      Play with your tags on a daily basis. Keep changing them until you find what works!

      MarciS 9 years ago

      What a terrific, and very useful lens. Thank you!! I'll definitely be back!


      Susan Wingate 9 years ago

      Holy Moly! Great ideas. I've implemented several and will be back shortly to see how my rankings progress. Thanks for the great suggestions! You might want to check out my newest lens! Funny! -Adios, adieu, and so long

      adamsacres lm profile image

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      Blog about it, then ping. If you have a blog on the subject add your squidoo link. I do this with my lens house plans.

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      My tip for #10 is... BE ORIGINAL. It's too easy to paste in content from elsewhere. Don't. At minimum, do a re-write. Better still, add. Even better, be a trifle original... which is hard in our overcommunicated world. But try. - Gary SquidooTactics

      GaryHarvey 9 years ago


      I wonder if people know that this lens belongs to the creative chap who INVENTED SQUIDOO. It does. Thanks Seth! - Gary | Micro_Niche_Finder


      anonymous 9 years ago

      My tip #10 is to post a tip on this lens and to also connect with other people listed here. That's two tips for the price of one. If you appreciate my 2 cents I'm accepting donations at! Thanks!

      schaghticoke 9 years ago

      Use great keywords! Original and scarce word-combinations work to your advantage. Don't forget to put common mis-spells into your tags as well.

      KP_Yang 9 years ago

      Great Lens, I have a question, how to be feature on the "More Great Lenses" on the sidebar? Any relationship to traffic?


      KP_Yang 9 years ago

      Great Lens, I have a question, how to be feature on the "More Great Lenses" on the sidebar? Any relationship to traffic?


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      Leave comments on other blogs, no matter what type of blog it is. This is a great way to get other visitors to your site.

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      sdtechteacher 9 years ago

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      NicholeB LM 9 years ago

      What a great lens! I'll have to figure out the Technorati/Dugg stuff, though - kind of a noob here.


      My best lens so far:

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Thanks, Seth. I have nothing more to add except...thank you all the way for these tips.

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Thanks, Seth. I have nothing more to add except...thank you all the way for these tips.

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      Just the information I was looking for. Iam going to start from the top of the list. 5* Thanks Dawn

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      lbonnice 9 years ago

      and 4, do you? (For some reason the rest of my question above was deleted, so I'm continuing it here). Those sites may be useful, but they're all really hard for a newbie to understand what they do, much less how to use them.

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      Mrs-Communication 9 years ago

      My tip would be to post your lens to and to also visit the forums at I just came across these 2 sites this past weekend, and experienced a nice rank boost for my lens on MODx.

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      jackie57 9 years ago

      Hi Seth:

      You have a knack for de-mystifying!



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      Girl-In-Green 9 years ago

      Awesomely awesome tips! Thanks

      thealexangroup 9 years ago

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      Wombats 9 years ago

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      MisterK1 9 years ago

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      Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda BookLady 9 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      How about Ryze.Com . . . a business social networking site. Great help, Seth. I am thrilled to be a part of Squidoo.

      What-I-Found profile image

      What-I-Found 9 years ago

      Don't forget you can add your own Cafepress "store". It's not that hard and might work for many sights.

      Good Luck!



      Ms_Appleseed 9 years ago

      I need to work on a couple of these! Thanks! I get some traffic from my ebay About Me page for my smalltownbiz lens.

      anonymous 9 years ago

      thanks to you i decided to get my blog registered with technorati.

      and now i have instant access to it's rankings at the moment they are not good, but previously i did not have a clue what they were. this means i can fiddle about with the blog and see how it affects the rankings. i'm no longer blind

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      Mrs-Communication 9 years ago

      I thought I'd also throw in a new site I found, it's like Digg for women

      mn3guy profile image

      mn3guy 9 years ago

      Thank you for the tips. It seems like passion really helps, doesn't it. And, lenses like yours which promote the learning sure are nice to see. Thanks. 5*

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      Encourager LM profile image

      Encourager LM 9 years ago

      Thanks for all the info. 5*. Lots of info in your lens to try out. I have set up 5 lenses so far 4 active and one not completed.

      Here are my lenses needing a touch!


      Internet-Grandma 9 years ago

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      I have just had a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon and I will try other sites you suggest as well. Mr field is turning your crazy dog into a darling. Thanks.


      tribalmick 9 years ago

      Informative lens. I am building my first lens, so will have to use some of the tips given.



      ChickMagnet101 9 years ago

      Hey Seth!

      Thanks for the great info on promoting Squidoo lenses. This will definitely help increase the exposure of my pages.

      thedonkey 9 years ago

      Cool. Good info.

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      LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 9 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Great stuff Seth. And I must say I love Squidoo. Thanks for bringing it to us. I've just built my sixth lens and wow it's at 102 in just 2 days

      Perhaps this means not all people in finance are boring?

      Thanks again

      Tovel 9 years ago

      Hi Seth, I grab so many lens initially I had to start deleting the ones I didn't have time to build.

      Ii's so addictive and fun I could build several each day. Of course I don't because of time constraints.

      Thanks for the tips.

      A RovingReporter profile image

      A RovingReporter 9 years ago

      A great lens that is a must reading for all lensmasters!

      ajin115 9 years ago

      Great tips thanks a lot.

      Trout_Fishing_Fan 9 years ago

      Just started with Squidoo recently but I LOVE it!

      Karl Winegardner profile image

      Karl Winegardner 9 years ago

      My tip? Write an excellent tutorial on how to get more traffic... but since someone else already did that; Comment on relavent blogs/lenses... whatever. If you make it intelligent and humorous enough people will click through.

      EshanMonteath profile image

      EshanMonteath 9 years ago

      Hello. I'm new to Squidoo, but absolutely love it! Great lens. I thought I was pretty good with the traffic generation, but this put me in my place!!

      LawrenceIp LM profile image

      LawrenceIp LM 9 years ago

      Seth...I am having more fun than a mouse in a maze made from cheese! I certainly appreciate what you have created. It demonstrates to me that the fundamental and basic goodness of human nature is quite adaptable to the net. You have put the tree of knowledge first! Thanks for Squidoo and this lens.

      Mrs-Communication 9 years ago

      Visit the to get ideas and support from fellow Squids. You can even submit your lens in the "Critique Me" forum to have others review your work.

      SusieQQuesenberry 9 years ago

      Being Active In The Squidoo Community (with comments etc) is a good way to bring people to your lenses.

      gsberger 9 years ago

      Wow - this is a great list of tips. I'm working on them for my Tubal Reversal lens. Thank you!

      thatteddybearlady profile image

      thatteddybearlady 9 years ago

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      Peter111 LM 9 years ago

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      Make a gift basket.

      Portuguese-Translator 9 years ago

      these are great tips, thanks for this :-)

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      ctavias0ffering1 9 years ago

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      junecampbell profile image

      junecampbell 9 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Re the social workings sites, I recommend using Social Poster ( You get a Social Poster button for Firefox browser. Then when you land on your lens or other site, you click the Social Poster button in your toolbar and it automates your posting to these bookmarking sites.

      Doctor-Who LM profile image

      Doctor-Who LM 9 years ago

      Thanks Seth

      I'll follow your advice - great tips

      thomas77 9 years ago

      Thanks, the tips the great!!

      thomas77 9 years ago

      Thanks, the tips the great!!

      SamsonZee 9 years ago

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      Excellent set of tips. I'm working my way through the list.

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      tnhuckaby 9 years ago

      Create a lens about a "cause" and tap your friends in the forum world, blogosphere, and by email to help spread the word. Usually people like to support a good cause. But one good "cause" lens can boost traffic to ALL your lenses and create the "referral web".

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Thanks Seth for the tips...^^..I would keep them all in my mind..^^

      By the way, this lens is great...a must read for all Lensmasters.

      Internet-Grandma 9 years ago

      Thanks for the great tips!

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      site-builder 9 years ago

      Seth... You are the man when it comes to what to do next after creating your lens. I now realize that I have a lot more to learn so I better get to work.

      Thanks for the great advice.

      MCStylin 9 years ago

      Tip#10: Keep finding new ways to promote your site, even offline. I like this lens, very helpful information and well presented! 5 stars!

      1stTech 9 years ago

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      gsberger 9 years ago

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      sdtechteacher 9 years ago

      Very nice lens. Thanks for the tips! I'll try some for my High School Musical 2 Lens.

      northsite 9 years ago

      Hey Seth,

      Yeah, Squidoo can be habit forming. i created my 1st

      starting my 2nd..I'll keep some of these tips in mind.


      anonymous 9 years ago

      Seth, Thanks for the great (free) information. I'm using it. Pls check out my Missions Mobilization site at and tell me what you think. Thanks! Greg

      bryant1953 9 years ago

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      Wonderful list of points from which to pivot. Thanks for the tips . . .

      slr722mclaren 9 years ago

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      Shahabkhan 9 years ago

      Hey thnx.....for quiet a cool advice!!

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      Make friends!

      zwoodb42 9 years ago

      Nice Lens Seth - Love it!

      I try to stay away from Google since they "stole" my money. Can't trust an organization that doesn't give a reason for banning my site (aside from the blanket statement they send to everyone) Tip #10 for me is articles(of course I link back to my lens in EVERY article)

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      Great tips here. another good method is to create a Wikizine on Zimbio PR 5 this has been mentioned in the Lensmaster lounge. You can put links to your lenses on it or add your lens RSS feed which can be found in Squid Utils.

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      christmasshows 9 years ago

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      Thank you Seth, I heard that writing on other blogs outside of squidoo and face them to the squidoo blog helps also! Keep up the good work Seth!

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      Ok Seth. I get it. This technorati alone is a handful, but I'll spend more time with it. I found a little software called the Advanced submitter which submits my lens to about 29 sites. Seems to be helping as last time I checked I have 40 links coming in. Good lens Seth.



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      Surreymagic 9 years ago

      Thanks for good, clear info.

      I have found facebook good for linking and easier to target specific markets (like the UK and students in my case!)

      Oosquid 9 years ago

      Great tips but . . . sorry this bit loses me . . .

      “Most big organizations have a 'frozen' site. No testing, no little experiments, no landing pages. You don't have to fight them. Just get some low-cost or free hosting and experiment with some pages that come BEFORE your firewall.”

      Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

      seth godin profile image

      seth godin 9 years ago Author

      What I meant was that instead of arguing to take over the 'main' site, you could build a page on a simple hosting service (like GoDaddy) and test it there. After you prove the new layout increases yield, you can move it over.

      Oosquid 9 years ago


      Oosquid 9 years ago

      Opps sorry, please delete that last blurb. What I meant to post was - Hemmings

      pacwp lm profile image

      pacwp lm 9 years ago

      I need all the HTML help I can get....Thanks for the info

      ZeldazM 9 years ago

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      Traffic to my Getting a men's haircut in Turkey lens skyrocketed when it was Lens of the Day, written about by Seth and again when I posted to forums on the topic.

      American_CyberSpace 9 years ago

      I've started to point some of my undeveloped domain names to my lenses, so that they can benefit from direct navigation.

      Michisor 9 years ago

      Very good ideas, I am still stragling with HTML imbeded in lenses, especially with pictures in the text modules, I want to see them in the own dimensions.


      any criticizm is welcome

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      Bonfire Designs 9 years ago

      I have to say, it's a lens like this one that gives so much GREAT advice in down to earth words that are easy to find! Thank you so much for sharing!! Squidoo lenses are great, I have two out here and can't wait to start another one! All of your advice above and my lenses have helped me get the word out about my online stores Bonfire Designs: Couldn't haven't gotten this far without great advice from writers like you! Thanks again Bonnie

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      trainstorm 9 years ago

      Plenty to go at!! Straight over to Technorati then...

      geeurbie 9 years ago

      I have a eco friendly house cleaning tips blog that has used Craigslist to drive over 40% of my traffic. I just rotate my ads around he country and it works for me. The blog is even #1 ranked on Google for several searchers but most of the traffic isn't from it.

      michaelgibbons lm profile image

      michaelgibbons lm 9 years ago

      This lens, Seth's ebook Unique, Useful, Updated & the #1 NonProfit/Volunteer lens about Recycling in Washington state of all things

      has motivated & energized my Squidoo passion --I am back and Squidoo is better than ever --thanks you Seth and Squid team!

      larrybla lm profile image

      larrybla lm 9 years ago

      Great tips and I appreciate the free e books. Favorite 5*'s

      DarleneTooley 9 years ago

      very useful info I'm doing some of this already but need to do all of it. Thanks again.


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      thanks for writing this lens, great tips and will re-read your lens many times I'm sure.

      I have a myspace, flickr, blog and facebook accounts, so I'd better get promoting my first lens:

      I can see I'm going to get addicted to squidoo...

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      Hi Seth,

      I just saw you on Ted the other day...I Love Purple Cow. Be bold, Be different, Stand out...and Give Massive Value.

      I use all these techniques, and they absolutely work.

      Social Marketing and Web 2.0 is a great thing to show people who you are, and what you offer.

      Great Lens...thanks for the review.


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      MarcyG 9 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      What about adding to your community by publishing articles related to your work. A lot of site owners host syndicated articles on their sites so that can really help with gaining popularity.

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      MyKidsInheritance 9 years ago

      My suggestion for #10 is joining groups on Squidoo. Plus you meet lots of nice people that way! : )


      DigitalMind 9 years ago

      Great Site and thank you for the advice, it has been a great start, I know this might not seem like a lot but my first posting went to 9600, sot bad first day out the gate!!

      geejay100 9 years ago


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      sajego 9 years ago

      I'm finding it hard to market a static page in a world of blogs galore! I think if you have a page that is a tool, like this page that lets you search for furniture by the size of your space, then making a widget that works like your website is a good idea. That's my next step.

      jimmyreese 9 years ago

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      GreenRevolution profile image

      GreenRevolution 9 years ago

      Hello, geejay100.

      If you would like to make links on your write up, go to Basic HTML for Squidoo lens and read the section on "Making a Hyperlink".

      I hope this helps. Good luck.

      Ratcha 9 years ago

      Thanks for all the tips. I think the world is moving too fast for me. Perhaps, I should start running faster to catch up with it. How do people have time to do all these things?

      allthingsburberry 9 years ago

      Wow! this squid stuff is addictive, when I'm at work all I wanna do is check on my lens..hehehehe. Anyway thanks for the tips Seth

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      Awesome ideas, thanks for making this lens! I'm definitely going to be using some of these ideas to boost traffic to my site.

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      This is my first trip into Squidoo, and I find it amazing and scary. Once again, 3x in 20 years, I have to turn my business model upside down and start over. This could be a wild ride!

      JoshCanHelp 9 years ago

      Thank you for the tips... I'm u"pimping out" my web presence as my boss might say!

      MikeTheCountryM profile image

      MikeTheCountryM 9 years ago

      I really like this lens!

      2Thumbs up here!

      Dubai-Real-Estate 9 years ago

      Nice lens keep up the good info!

      TonyPayne profile image

      TonyPayne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Very useful tips, thanks. Still trying to build my traffic - a lot depends on the topic you choose. I'm still not quite so desperate I have to build another lens about Britney Spears though :)

      ZeroHC 9 years ago

      Hey Seth! Great tips. I've got #10 for you...Spam guestbook boxes (like this one) with your lens URL! ;)So many people are doing it, but nobody's mentioning it as a tip!

      promocoupon profile image

      promocoupon 9 years ago

      Thanks for the great tips! Will try out reddit for Newegg

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      DC30 9 years ago

      Great Tips! I Love Squidoo. Check out one of

      My Squidoo Pages.

      Dimmusacio 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. See my lens

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      JenBowman 9 years ago

      Thanks for Squidoo tips. For real estate tips, please check out my lens.

      michaelgibbons lm profile image

      michaelgibbons lm 9 years ago

      Thanks as always Seth using all this whipped cream on top of my Buttons of Mom lens

      berlin101 9 years ago

      Thanks for the Technorati tip - anyone want to meet my poker princess?

      mudderspudder 9 years ago

      I can't add a #10 because I am so new to this, but thanks for the great information!

      driewe profile image

      driewe 9 years ago

      bookmarking the lens on social network sites really helps. Another thing is to research the tags your using and make sure they are tags people are actually searching for and have a good KEI

      GORILLAWAR profile image

      GORILLAWAR 9 years ago

      You forget to mention to visit other sites and piss them hehehehe

      retro-gamer profile image

      retro-gamer 9 years ago from Michigan

      New to Squidoo so these were excellent for me. I'll have to try them out now.

      robbby 9 years ago

      Great lens with some real good solid advice Click Here! for some info on a great way to get backlinks to your lens/ website

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