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Toshiba Folio 100

Last year Toshiba made some kind of a tablet. The Journe Touch had and still has a 7-inch touchscreen, several applications and connection to the Web.

Now, the Japanese manufacturer decided to use Android (Journe Touch uses the WinCE Pro) with a 10.1-inch screen tab.

Let's start by the screen

It's really great and in 16:9 format. What comes in very handy for watching video.

However, Toshiba didn`t chose the best screen, or even one of the best we've seen before. This LCD have too much reflections and also reduced viewing angles.

To be able to see everything that happens on the screen it`s required to put it virtually vertically or horizontally.

Toshiba Folio 100
Toshiba Folio 100

Of course the experience get worse depending on the amount of light available. During the day is almost an impossible task.

In terms of color and contrast this screen also leaves something to be desired.

The choice of this screen is explained by the concern of Toshiba to keep the price of Folio100 a level lower than the competition.

The same explanation to justify the poor quality of construction of this pad. The plastics seem delicate and when pressing the buttons it`s difficult to find the Toshiba`s quality we are accustomed.


Toshiba has created a software that runs on top of Android. This interface has four buttons (applications, widgets, bookmarks and settings) and can be viewed in a "frame" or listed.

It looks very nice and the large icons make it easier to navigate all the applications.

Needless to say, despite the criticism that I make to the quality of the screen, the truth is that the experience of using the Folio is pretty good.


By opting for a 10.1-inch screen, Folio 100 brings no connection to the Android Market. Not a decision by Toshiba though, it is a Google requirement that puts the 7-inch as maximum size for the screen so that the Android Market can be installed on any type of equipment.

Now this is a major annoyance for anyone who was waiting for access to hundreds of applications of the Google Store.

Instead, Toshiba only gives access to their store - Toshiba Market Place. It sells music, gives access to radios and applications (very few).


Navigate to the interface without problems and applications load quickly. All thanks to two Tegra processor from Nvidia.

The video preview, photos and listening to music went smoothly. We opened many publications and listen to music as we browsed the Web without delays.


Folio is easy to connect to the computer. Then just drag the files into a folder you create within the tab.

Folio perform a new indexing whenever there is a sync by USB. That is, looking for new content and link them to the correct category. In this case, the audio player associated with the music (or other) and with the video it does the same thing.

The video player works smoothly and the same happens with audio. Both options are available from a media center (Toshiba Media Player) which also gives access to content from any Internet or a network server.

Web browsing

In addition to the browser that comes integrated into the operating system, Toshiba delivers the Opera.

A great option and has already been prepared to deal with this type of touch screen.

The interface is very well achieved with context menus and shortcuts to improve navigation.

Unfortunately the version was released with some bugs. The browser of the operating system ran smoothly though.

Support for flash is full, so we sailed through all kinds of content without problems. The one that emerged was the Grooveshark site (flash - music streaming) that blocked the Folio and forced us to restart it.


We set the Exchange account without problems. However, support for Webmail accounts is not direct.

Unlike the other tabs that already have pre-configuration of these accounts, the Folio can only set them up as POP or IMAP.


There is only one front camera.

You can make videos or take pictures with enough quality. The indexing of pictures is done automatically and you can access them from the same media center from Toshiba.


It hasn`t 3G (nor Bluetooth or GPS) built in which makes it hostage to the Wi-Fi connections.

Therefore, the Wi-Fi is like "lord and master" of the Folio.

Toshiba compensates for these absences putting an HDMI port, one USB and one mini USB. The first is to connect the Folio to a television and play video in 1080p.

The USB port of "normal" size is an excellent option to connect external drives and have direct access to content or for some peripherals that use the interface - the same objective as the mini-USB.

And the USB 2.0 transfer speed is quite acceptable.

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gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

Looks good.and the price is for humans.Thanks funride

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Gus, I`m glad you like it. Thanks for passing by and comment.

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