How to add emoticons on Facebook status from Opera Mini

Some friends on Facebook add emoticons on their statuses. Those icons include tiny funny images of banana, watermelon, sunrise, or even just smiling or crying face. When I check the status to leave a comment, I see a link with the anchor text "Facade" just under the status, and when I click the link, it brings me to a Facebook application, called Facade.

Using Facade, you can add various emoji or funny emoticons to your Facebook status and friends' wall. It helps you express better. Your friends will see how exactly you feel and how the situation is going, from the animated images you insert in the status text.

However, you may find difficulties using Facade application and add the emoji unless you access Facebook from PC. Opera Mini, a mobile browser, won't let you do the emoji insertion. I found it hard, too, when I, for example, tried to add a watermelon icon to my status; the emoticon -- when clicked -- would just refresh the application page and show nothing but the same page.

But I came up with this trick: try visiting Facade page from Bolt browser, from my phone. On Bolt, the emoji insertion can be done as simple as you do it from PC.

Or the second choice: you can use my favorite browser Opera Mini. Follow these steps if you access Facade from Opera Mini:

  • Go to the full site of Facebook here
  • Go to Facade application.
  • Now, move the cursor to the emoji you want to add but do not click on the emoji
  • Press 1 button on your phone and select link >> Open w/o image.
  • A new code (for example :fe8ad:) will appear in the Facade status box. That code will turn to be an emoji after you hit the post button.

And congratulation, your emoji has been added. Simple, isn't it?

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Dony 6 years ago

mntap bro.!

davidkhoirul profile image

davidkhoirul 6 years ago from East Java, Indonesia Author

Thanks, Dony

Akha 5 years ago


davidkhoirul profile image

davidkhoirul 5 years ago from East Java, Indonesia Author

Cianx, Akha

angel 5 years ago

in this site, is very easy to create emoji on facebook status (for opera mini browser)

xcvtor14 4 years ago

Cheers man :-P

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