unblock a private number

How to unblock any private number

How to unblock a private number

Is someone calling you from a private phone number? You want to know how to unblock it but just don't know how? It's very simple and can be done from almost any cellular phone from almost any cellular phone carrier within the united states. Lets just get to the point. To unblock a private phone number that is calling you simply; Follow the 4 steps below. Cell Phone look ups are useful when you get the number to find out more information about who that person is.

This is the only service that will unblock private numbers and reveal & catch prank callers, stalkers and ex's or anyone who calls you private.... Follow the directions below, they offer 3 plans, each one offers call unmasking, and more like name and address of the caller etc....

  1. Follow this link to TrapCall
  2. Click on, "Pick the Perfect Plan" & choose from 1 of the 3, Bug Trap, Mouse Trap or Bear Trap.
  3. Select the first option called Bug Trap if you just want the basics, this is the most basic option for your needs.
  4. Follow the instructions to set your phone up after signing up to program your phone.
  5. Then just reject any private calls. The number is unmasked and sent back to your phone.

This is the best caller id unmasking service on the Internet. For you smart phone users, it cost's about as much as a good app that you will actually use. That's how I look at it. It's worth a try. It helped me catch an annoying prank caller.


There are many uses for this to unblock private numbers

  • Catch prank callers
  • Catch stalkers
  • Catch annoying telemarketers
  • Catch your spouse cheating
  • Maybe you don't answer private calls like me, unless you know who it is. Now you Will
  • Always know who's calling
  • Bear Trap Feature can record incoming calls (spy on kids and spouses)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will this work on my cell phone?
  • A: Trapcall works on any cell phone within the United States
  • Q: Will this work with my provider?
  • A: Trapcall works on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, And Sprint services
  • Q: Will I be charged for cancelling Trapcall after I use it to find out who's calling?
  • A: There are no hidden fees with trapcall. Cancel anytime at no extra charge
  • Q: Will the private caller know that I am using Trapcall or, rejected the call?
  • A: No, the private caller will not be aware that you are using Trapcall or rejected their call.
  • Q: When it calls back with the unmasked number will the other person know?
  • A: No, when your phone rings with the unmasked number, it is just sending it to you. The other person is not really calling you.
  • Q: What if I cant reject the call if I'm busy or miss it?
  • A: That's ok. Just log into the TrapCall website, the call will be unmasked and stored in your account to view when you get the chance.


Just follow the video, and you will be unmasking those private callers in no time. This service is better than any smart phone app I have seen.

It will take you thru step by step of how to set your cellular phone up to work. It mainly consists of typing in a variety of numbers to program your cell phone. If you decide to use this service using Try Trap method it will always be free and you will never get billed extra for using this service. From my experience it works great. You don't have to be there to ignore the private call either. You can just not pick it up and it will log it for you in your account on the website. Once installed and programmed on your phone all you need to do is to click ignore or just not answer the call when a private number calls you. The person on the other end will still hear your phone ringing and will assume you didn't answer the call. Before the person even hangs up their phone thinking your'e not answering, your phone will ring back with the unblocked number of the person calling you. It is that easy! And I have used it, know it works, I had to many prank calls calling me so I found this on the Internet when it had first came out before I joined hub pages. This service will also keep logs of all calls for you and recorded. Give it a try. You want this if you hate private callers.

Click here to get Trapcall & finally know who's been calling you private.

Comments 22 comments

janda  7 years ago

well thnx i hope it works cause i think my boyfriends ex keeps calling lol

Cutejon2350 6 years ago

i had gotten a flytrap account about 9 months ago and had it ever since. They are now starting to charge to use their service. They will be discontinuing the already-made free accounts as well on March 31st. If anyone knows where i can get something like this for free, please let me know

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 6 years ago from New York Author

I think it is a very good service. If you happen to have metro pcs then I don't know what to tell you...It is probably because metro pcs just is not large enough for them to seek a market in it like the major companies.

FemBot 6 years ago

thank you so much, this is just what i needed and it works great on my iphone just like in the video.

Tor 6 years ago

Does this work if the private number is from a cell phone? not a landline private caller.

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 6 years ago from New York Author

Yes this will unmask any private caller. It will unblock land line and cell phone calls.

Chichi1019 6 years ago

Any Metro PCS user???

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 6 years ago from New York Author

no sorry chichi trapcall doesn't support metropcs its to expensive.

Dave 6 years ago

Does this work for house phones also?

robert 6 years ago

does this program identify "spoof" caller source numbers?

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 6 years ago from New York Author

Robert, no- that is the only way to defeat the system. And to dave, No this will only work on cellular phones.

Joe.B 6 years ago

If your in the UK you can use calltrap.co.uk

Philip (investigator) 5 years ago

I am in South Africa. will it work here.

Ekene ebere 5 years ago

Am in nigeria will it work

Matt 5 years ago

if i answer the private / unknow call,, can i still get the number sent to my email? and will the user on the phone i have this set up for, my son know that trapcall has been installed on his phone?

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 5 years ago from New York Author

the numbers all get unmasked and stored in your account on the site after you sign up. so yes you can answer the call then log into your account on the site and view it, however its best if possible to reject the call for 100% effectiveness.

your son will not know trapcall is installed. unless he ignores the unknown number. even then he wouldn't know trapcall was installed unless he knew eccatly what it was.

when u reject the call... the person on the other line stills hears the phone ringing too they wont even know you rejected it.

margie 5 years ago

what about cricket phones?

meee 4 years ago

i live in canada and i keep getting phone calls from a blocked number..i get 36 or even more calls in a day.. i was wondering if this will work on my phone..cause i dun want to pay and still not get the phone calls unblocked :S

mariana 2 years ago

Does it work for boost mobile

Greg From NY profile image

Greg From NY 2 years ago from New York Author

@mariana, go to the sign up page and where it says select phone, choose "other".

steve 2 years ago

Does this work for UK Mobile numbers

jennifer 22 months ago

Is there a free trial?

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