What Can You Do With Adobe Acrobat?


The PDF format is typically used to store documents online. However, it has many other uses, such as the ability to be converted between PDF and other formats, as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. OCR converts the numbers and letters on a document into computer-readable information. This allows for search functions within these documents. This is invaluable when looking for specific information in a long PDF document.


Adobe Acrobat allows you to create and store documents online in PDF format. This allows them to be printed in the future by anyone who accesses the page. The advantage to this is that, unlike HTML, the look of the document will not change once it is printed. This is a convenient way to provide forms for your customers to access and complete, or to allow them to print information that they may need in the future.

The newest version of Adobe Acrobat, version 9 will take a snapshot of any website and convert it into a PDF document. This includes any links or animation that were included on the original website. According to a review by CNET.com, this feature works in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but does not appear to work in Mozilla's Firefox.

Form Tracking

Acrobat 9 also features a tool to allow you to track the usage of a form. For example, you can send invitations to a party in PDF format. With Acrobat you can then track responses to the mass invitation and send reminders to potential guests that have not responded. Once you have these responses, you can sort, filter or export them to a spreadsheet for further tracking.


Adobe now offers 256-bit encryption. This is the same level of security that you see in your online banking transactions. You can also use passwords and permissions to restrict printing or altering existing forms. In addition, Acrobat offers the ability to redact sensitive information to prevent readers from accessing it. All of these features, along with the ability to require a digital signature provides you with many options to protect the security of your work.


Acrobat allows you to combine many different documents, such as e-mail, spreadsheets or other documents into one portfolio. This allows you to merge a collection of notes and documents into one smooth, polished document. You have the ability to specify which source pages you wish to include. This will make the creation process more efficient.


This software allows you to collaborate with colleagues, friends or anyone else you wish to include. You can allow comments on the document which can be sorted by author, date or page to make it easier to review the feedback. You can use the Review Tracker to see who is participating, send e-mail reminders and even invite additional people to review your documents. Once you have the information you need, you can print it or convert it to a Word document.

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