Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines Noise

Today large wind turbines has less noise (around 45 decibels-dB) than the background noise that we hear in our own homes (5odB)! According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), today an operating wind farm at a distance of about 750 to 1,000 feet is no noisier than a kitchen refrigerator or a moderately quiet room. The careful placement of these turbines can justify this.

Death of birds caused by Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Although birds rarely collide with the turbines, wind power is less threatening to birds than many other common structures. In fact, the National Audubon Society said it supports the use and development of wind energy.

Based on numerous studies that have taken place in New York, Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota and California, the collision of birds with wind turbines result in less than 2.1 bird deaths per year. In comparison, every year about 60 million birds died in collisions with vehicles, at least 98 million by colliding with buildings and windows and at least 4 million in collision with communications towers.

It should be very mindful of the location of the vertical axis wind turbines, to ensure that they will not be installed along the routes of migrating birds or the tracks of rare or endangered birds. In another study, it was estimated that all the American domestic cat kills between 100 and 200 million birds, compared with about 33,000 birds killed by collisions with wind turbines worldwide.

Alternatives to Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Think about it, the death of birds from the production of electricity based on fossil energy:

  • High Chimneys - A study done at a single site that runs the coal in Florida, with four fireplaces, recorded nearly 3,000 birds killed during a single night during autumn migration.
  • Pour oil into the sea - in a single accident with a ship - the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska - killed more than 500,000 migratory birds, about 1,000 times the estimated wind turbines in California for a year.
  • The additional threats to birds from other energy sources include: mercury emissions by coal-powered facilities, global climate change from burning fossil fuels, acid rain resulting from the emission of SO2 and NOx emissions by coal-fired plants; habitat destruction resulting from mining activities associated with the coal, gas, oil and uranium.
  • Property values: The view of wind turbines will have no negative impact on the value of a property. A recent study on the impact of wind power stations, said that "based on the level of inspection throughout the country carried out by assistants of taxes in other areas with projects for the installation of wind power station, we did not find anything that supported the claim that the views wind farms decrease the value of property". Other studies, both made in America and abroad, came to similar conclusions.

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Damnedhammer profile image

Damnedhammer 5 years ago from Portland

I'm confused. You state that there are only 2.1 bird deaths per year from collisions with wind turbines and later state 33,000 deaths. Is the 2.1 mean a larger abbreviated number? I wonder if using reflective materials and lights would deter birds from flying near wind farms.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 5 years ago Author

Hello there.

The 2.1 number is from a study make for New York, Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota and California, the 33000 number is a worldwide statistic.

what_say_you profile image

what_say_you 5 years ago from Louisiana

The reason why HAWT's kill birds is because the birds can not see the tips of the blades while they are spinning at high speeds and the birds are fooled. The reason why VAWT's typically do not kill birds is because when VAWT's spin they appear as a solid object to a bird no matter what the wind speed is. has been my experience that turbine companies can claim their equipment is quiet but I have stood under and near some of those turbines that make horrific sounds. Don't be fooled like a your research before choosing the turbine that is right for you. Thanks for bringing awareness pedrog...every little bit helps.

Energy_Freakz 4 years ago

It looks like house cats actually kill more birds a year than wind turbines,

Pretty interesting stat. Seems like not much we can do to avoid certain things.

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