The beauty of voice recognition software


As a dyslexic the thought of having to type, spell-check, grammar check and then get someone to proof read what I've written, usually my long-suffering partner! I would never have dreamt of writing, if it wasn't for voice recognition software. I can do in an hour what used to take me most of the day, and it would still be wrong! I know don't have to worry about my spelling so much but I do still get someone to check my grammar. Voice recognition software gives me the chance to express my feelings in the written word. I also find it very beneficial for e-mails, and it gives me a chance to communicate in chat rooms and keep up with the conversation. I appreciate a lot of people would find voice recognition difficult in their everyday work, however I find it essential in my day job writing reports, courses and briefings. I would find it more difficult to compete with people if didn't have this handy tool.

I now use Dragon naturally speaking, it wasn't as difficult to set up as other voice recognition programs but you still have to put in the effort in the beginning. I find it a lifesaver if I want to send e-mails or post a comment. You do need to be careful though, if you don't say a words clearly enough or speak to quickly, you could find that you have a page of total gobbledygook. I know I can type quicker than I can talk to the software, but I would spend more time correcting my spelling mistakes and lose interest in what I was doing. Your confidence is often shaken if you try to write an article and have to spend more time correcting it than you did writing it. So the beauty of voice recognition is most of the words are spelt correctly.

Another excellent bonus from voice recognition is that it has helped me to brainstorm. I just shout out my thoughts and they all appear in front of me, it helped me structure and focus what I finally want to put down into an article or a briefing. It's a lot better dictating to my computer than it is to my partner or anyone else! Although voice recognition has a long way to go, I personally believe that it has benefits to people like me, who over the years has had more people criticising my spelling or my grammar, rather than commenting on the content of my work. I am now in a position where people actually comment on the quality of my work rather than the spelling or the grammar.

And with the benefit of voice recognition software and an understanding partner my work has improved, and I now have the confidence to try my hand at writing articles and blogs, I wouldn't have that confidence to do this without voice recognition software.


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