What if there was no Google? Let's ponder.

What if there was no google
What if there was no google | Source

Is that even a question?

What if there was no Google? is really a baffling question that will really bog down any of us in the present generation. Google has become such an indispensable part of our life that we cannot think of the ways to do things which we are doing now with Google. Google is everywhere and there is hardly any field of online technology that has been left untouched by it. Though it got introduced to us as a powerful search engine that helped us get the information from Internet easy and accessible to all, it slowly began to embrace us in whole with its myriad technologies.

We are growing day by day

Google has changed the world in more than one way and it is really hard to imagine how our World would be without Google. It is one of the most frequently visited websites and the list of services offered by it is very long. Most of the services offered by Google are free and this makes it easy for a vast majority of users to utilize them from around the Globe. Some of the services that have completely engulfed the present day online users include:

  • Gmail for sending, receiving and storing your email messages
  • Google Docs for storing all your documents
  • Google Maps for navigation as well as for getting the geographical information of any place on Earth
  • Google Calendar to get yourself organized
  • Google Analytics to track and find out the real performance of your website
  • Blogger to create your own online presence in an effortless way and to present your information the way you like

In addition to this Google also gives many other facilities like Google Scholar, Google Plus, Google Groups, and Finance etc. These have a very strong influence on our daily routines. Above all this best service comes in the form of the Google Search Engine which has made it possible for anyone to get any information from the Internet. If there is no Google then we would have lost the opportunity to find the exact information from Internet using the supercharged algorithms to find the entire exact web based data we want.

Google is Everywhere

We would be led to a completely different web experience if there was no Google, and the whole of the Internet would be of less user friendly to the common man. If there had been no Google, then the digital revolution and the existence of so many smart phones and devices might not have become a reality the way it is now. If there is no Google the Android operating system might not be there and this will have a very debilitating effect on the existence of our smart phones, and you would be tied to Appleā€™s iPhone making it more costly offering less facility with the lack of competition from Google.

Lets be Thankful

Google has completely interwoven not only into our personal life but also has an immense impact on the way we do our business making simplicity and fun in our business environment as two watchwords. Google as a company is contributing vast sums of money it earns to many of the worthwhile charities and other social purposes. It is very environmentally conscious that it has invested in Wind Electricity and going to the extent of avoid using lawn movers and instead using goats to trim the grass on the lawns in its buildings.

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