What is hardware and software?


Hardware is defined as a device with the task of storing and running installed software. The hardware is the physical piece of machinery, such as the hard-drive, mouse and keyboard, video and graphics cards. These devices serve as the host system for the software. Hardware is changed far less often than software.

The reason it is called “hardware” is because the physical device in not readily created, modified or erased on the CPU. These devices are hard put and usually consist of wiring and solder to hold them in place. Everything about the name speaks to what the devices are like; hard wired, hard to make, hard to install and hard coded with instruction. The easiest way to think of hardware, is that it is the part of the computer that you can physically touch.


On the completely opposite hand, software is the program aspect of the computer. It cannot be physically touched and is easily created, wiped out and replaced in an instant. Software is the programming that allows you to perform the specific task you need to complete.

Software holds the collection of instructions that enables users to issue a set of commands and have the computer respond with a certain result. Programs are examples of software, like PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, and even your Internet. Basically, anything that you can point and click at on your screen is tied to some type of software.

Hardware and Software Must Work Together

It is only when hardware and software come together, that things begin to happen. Without either of the two, you have an expensive paperweight or a group of coding that cannot live up to its purpose because there is no host to help display the outputs. Software makes it possible for hardware to work and the user to interact with the software. For example, it is software that runs the mouse programming, which allows the mouse hardware to click on and interact with the software on the computer.

Software developers cannot show off their skills and talents without the hardware developers keeping up with the latest and greatest improvements. It is an ever-changing reality that pulls one behind the other. Hardware becomes useless if it out-paces software and vice versa. Only until the two entities start working together, can any lasting improvements be made and advancements can be covered in leaps and bounds. So, in the world of which came first, it doesn’t matter since one is completely useless without the other.

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