why @ (at the rate of) symbol is used in an email id?

The '@' symbol is used to distinguished between the User ID 'n Domain name (like hotmail,yahoo,rediff etc).

Some more facts about email Email was invented in 1971 by a computer engineer,called Ray Tomlinson, who worked for Bolt Bernek and Newman(BBN)-- the company chosen by the United States Defense Department to build the first internet,way back in 1968 The '@' symbol in email addresses was chosen by Tomlinson because he wanted a keyboard character that didn't occur in people's names.It is said that he just spent just 30-40 seconds to think up the choice of symbol.

You Know the first mail which was sent (between two computer that were actually sitting besides each other),bore the text 'QWERTYUIOP'. the first row alphabets on a QWERTY keyboard

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Jeevan K Augustin 9 years ago

Very helpful info. At last i got it. i don't know the past behind the @ symbol and the email. thanks a lot.

pravin prasad 9 years ago

The information is really informative...


R.Ramachandran  8 years ago

Information is world. Such information helps many to know the background of anything. Thanks for the people behind this information in this web page.

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shreekrishna 7 years ago

great info

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shreekrishna 7 years ago

great info

Kudlit profile image

Kudlit 7 years ago from Laguna

This is interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing!

kumar 7 years ago

I too don't know , why we have to ctrl+C and ctrl+V the "at the rate symbol ", here in hungary

bharti 6 years ago

very great information

thota srinivas 6 years ago

very nice answer please sent more technical and internet related terms meanings to mail. my mail is thota.phani@rediffmail.com

santosh 6 years ago

its a great......thanks.....

ebin 5 years ago

Thanks to Ray Tomlinson..for @

deepakpande 5 years ago

i am happy to knew ans

kundan kumar 5 years ago

Thank you Ray Tomlinson..for

give ANS

praveeb 4 years ago

nice ans .... just awesome

sushanta kumar sarkar 4 years ago


swt suman 4 years ago

thanks to provide a useful information

Nishu Shukla 4 years ago

Ok Like This.

JBR KHAN 22 months ago

I did not know that why do we use the symbol of (@) . Thanks for it.

ayush saini 21 months ago

Pls anyone explain me why use (@) in email id?

Muhammad Dilshad 21 months ago

this is a specific symbol without this symbol we can't run our email .

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