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Tips for your Gmail Account

Google's free to consumers email account is one of the most popular email services today. But many consumers are using only the basic features. Here's a look at some tips that can help you squeeze more from your Gmail account.

Below are some videos from Google on the use of Gmail. The first video highlights four features that they consider to be strengths of gmail: 1) Spam blocking before it gets to your mailbox; 2) grouping of related emails into conversations (also known as threading) to avoid the confusion of simple chronological listings; 3) search capabilities - using their search technologies, you don't have to take as much care to file emails where you can find them, just search and it will be more effective than most email client search functions; and, 4) built in chat client. Sometimes chat is more functional than email since it's real time.

Gmail Features

Now some of the features only work when using the web based client. If you are using an offline reader like Mail on a Mac then any threading you choose to do will be handled by the client.

Of course one of the favorite features of Gmail is that they give you what for many people is effectively unlimited storage. Currently it's over 5G of storage, which is huge unless you are storing videos and large photos or files.

IMAP - If you use only one computer, or you only use the web based email at www.gmail.com then you may not have any need for IMAP. Not to go into a lot of detail, but historically email was stored on a POP3 server, which was difficult to synchronize between multiple clients. IMAP is different because the mail is stored on the server (and a copy can be stored on your computer as well). So if you delete an email on one computer, it gets deleted on the other as well. Same holds if you move it to another folder. This is particularly powerful if you are using a mobile device like the iPhone with www.gmail.com as you main mail server. Here's a video that shows how to set your gmail.com account to use IMAP, and to sync it with your iPhone.

Enable IMAP in the Gmail preferences, and then add the Gmail account as an IMAP account.

Gmail on the Android Phone

Outlook Express and Thunderbird

Two of the more popular email clients are Outlook Express and the Thunderbird client that is part of the Mozilla (FIrefox) suite. Here's an overview of how to set those clients up to use IMAP.

Offline Browsing

Now you can use IMAP and an offline client like Mail for the Mac but if you want to keep the web browser client look that you may be accustomed to, then a relatively recent addition is the use of Google Gears. This downloads some files that reside on the computer and keeps them from continually being fetched from the web server. Originally designed to help speed web based clients, Google is now making it possible to fetch your mail information and work offline without connecting to www.gmail.com The process is described in this video.

Gmail blog

This discussion focused on individual use of Gmail. Of course they are making a push into the corporate space and have a paid version available to buy, but we don't attempt to cover that here.

Finally, you can get all the up-to-date information of the changes and improvements being made at www.gmail.com by tracking their blog entries.

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mukeshpal 4 years ago

gmail friend

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johnr54 5 years ago from Texas Author

Good question, you can have as many account names as you like, but you cannot change an existing one. Good Luck!

Gmail Sign Up 5 years ago

nicely explained buddy.. founded the gmail sign up for multiple accounts here http://www.xinz.org/mobile/multiple-gmail-sign-in-... , hope this will help you

Dale Levy 5 years ago

How many account names can you have and can I change one existing one?

christopher awonuga 6 years ago

since i started a google account, i've found it stimulating and fresh. it's also user friendly.

joshua 6 years ago

very nice

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Gmail is good option for knowleg of brossing, i like google.

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Great work by gmail more grace 2 ur work as becoming one of the leading internet service in the world.

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gmail is good,fast,nd better ,keep it saup .i am a subscriber,

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lm new to gmail but l enjoy the fetures very much so keep it up

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Thanks for you're programs, they're great. I am really pleased i chose you guy's, keep up the excellent work, G Walsh.

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glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

Great idea for a Hub! So many people are getting gmail accounts, and they have a lot to offer! I just got one too, and I like it.

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Thanks for share,it is very useful to me!

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